October Prime Purchases

Today is one of my favorite days! I absolutely love shopping Amazon Prime myself but I get so excited seeing what everyone else is buying to. Thank goodness for Tanya’s monthly link up!

The funny thing is that every month I think I won’t have much to share but seriously, who am I kidding? The list seems to get longer and longer when I review my monthly purchases!

My first purchase of the month was actually for my mother. She had been searching for this cookbook and was about to order it from Barnes & Noble. They told her it would take up to 2 weeks – Amazon for the win, it arrived in 2 days!

I needed a white dress for my Halloween costume and once again, Amazon to the rescue. If you need a white dress for any kind of costume – an angel, or Princess Leia – this is a great one. I wouldn’t wear it for much of anything else. While it is very comfortable it is pretty sheer and lined only about half way down, as you can see in the photo.

Another purchase for Halloween! Had to get these to wear with my wig!

My trendy sneakers needed new laces – I think plain white looks much better than the glittery ones they came with. Amazon just makes it so convenient, I loved being able to place my order and not have to traipse around the store (Target) looking for laces.

Trendy sneakers from Amazon

Darn you, plantars fasciitis! My heel is killing me and I am trying to prevent a visit to the doctor for a shot. I’ve been icing it, using ibuprofen (when I remember), and wearing one of these socks. The sock does seem to help!

Last year I saw this sweater and resisted the temptation. This year I did not and I’m so glad! I love the print, the color, and the quality. Here’s how I plant to style it – eek – I am so excited for cooler weather!!!

When Prime Day rolled around I wasn’t sure I’d buy anything. Honestly it still kind of confuses me and I find it hard to shop. I did purchase a new set of sheets. Haven’t tried them yet – I’m waiting for our room renovations to be complete. They do have excellent reviews!

Apparently I am on a green kick, who knew??? I just love blue and green together and this sweater had my name written all over it. Well, actually, it has stripes all over it but that didn’t sound nearly as clever.

One of my very favorite purchases this month is this mascara. There’s a reason it has so many fans – it is the BOMB! I seriously want to buy a tube for all the women in my life and give it to them. You will not be disappointed and it will be the best $5 you spend!

Mascara + BB Cream

I am equally impressed with this BB cream. It’s affordable and provides fabulous coverage.

This cute cami went on special and I snagged it. Great for layering under jackets and cardis!

Oh my gosh, another sweater! This one is fab too and you’ll be seeing it tomorrow. I love it!

Off the shoulder cream sweater

I refuse to spend a lot of money on my work out wear so when these shorts went on special for $9 I had to click buy now! They are well made and will last me forever.

If you follow along on IG you know about the home renos we are in the middle of! Since updating one of our bathrooms we had to replace the blind on the french door. This did the trick! The best part was the installation – no rod is needed – it uses velcro. Easy peasy.

I ordered these to tame the mess that has become my power cord collection. Great way to tame the chaos! I think these would make a great stocking stuffer.

Phew – that does it! Quite an extensive list from this month. What have been priming lately? Are you as obsessed with Prime as I am?

Thanks for reading and I’ll see ya back here tomorrow!


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