Tunic and Leggings 3 Ways

Today is all about styling your basic tunic and leggings. I believe most of us are wearing these items these days or at least own them. It can feel like you’re on the hamster wheel wearing them day in and day out so let’s see how we can shake things up a bit, okay?

Let’s start with the tunic sweater. And let’s just get this out of the way first – my left sleeve is almost cuffed and my right is not, how does this happen? Clearly we are not paying attention to details! However, just off to my right the neighbors are riding bikes so maybe I’m in a hurry to get this over with, eh?

So the tunic sweater is lightweight and soft. As soon as I took it out of the package and slipped it on I didn’t want to take it off. The color is khaki and I am wearing a small. This shade of khaki has some pink undertones that make it work with my coloring. It also seems the perfect backdrop for my Kendra Scott necklaces. I have had the Rayne necklace for ages and recently added the shorter Elsa necklace.

Tunic Sweater || Leggings || Combat Boots

The crackle leggings are a recent purchase and I am so pleased with them. They are a little thicker than my faux leather leggings and while they fit snugly they are comfortable.

Jacket || Option

Adding the jacket was a nice way to dress up the look just a little bit. I won’t say it’s business appropriate because I don’t think leggings are (depending on where you work) but you could easily wear black pants to achieve the same look.

Moto Jacket

The moto jacket has been sitting in my closet quietly waiting to be shown some love. I purchased it over the summer knowing full well it would be ages before I could actually wear it. I wasn’t sure if I’d like the shorter jacket over the tunic sweater but I do!

The scarf seemed an easy addition but once again I needed to adjust it a bit better. They say the devil is in the details – I agree! It’s also real life and most days I’m just thrilled to get someone to take my photos!

I enjoyed this outfit so much that it was the first one to go in my “must pack for Tennessee trip” pile! This tunic sweater may even end up getting layered with a long sleeve shirt depending on the temps.

So there ya have it friends, simple ways to mix up a tunic and leggings. You can breathe new life into old favorites with a few tweaks here and there! Thanks for stopping by!

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