Friday Favorites #49

Time can just start to slow right down now. My boys are both home and I have had a very busy and full week but I am also feeling blessed beyond measure! Not sure about you but I enjoy the weeks leading up to Christmas and just wish time would stand still. But since that’s not a possibility I’ll go with the flow and find comfort in some of my favorites this week – I hope you will too!

#sequin leggings

I wore these sequin leggings to two events in one day!

Favorite #1 I was so excited to get these rustic lanterns! I learned about them from one of my very favorite home decor blogs Dimples and Tangles. They went on tremendous sale a few weeks ago and I could not help myself. Luckily they did not disappoint and now I am working on getting them Christmas ready! You can find the lanterns here.#lanterns

Favorite #2 I am preparing for the new year with my new planner and pen set! I refuse to spend a lot on a planner but finding one that will work well for me was a chore! This one is from Target and the pens I got from Amazon. I learned about them from Heather at My Glittery Heart and I just love them!#planner

Favorite #3 I am learning to slow my roll and not get caught up in the MUST HAVE MUST DO for a perfect holiday. It’s okay to not be “on” all the time and to further drive home the point I came up with this analogy. Think about it – even 24 hour convenience stores have locks on the doors because no one can be on or open all the time, we all need our down time!

Favorite #4 I have had some opportunities this week to see some old friends and enjoy time together. Wednesday I had two events – one a luncheon with my new job (well I’ve been there almost a year) and then in the evening with peeps from my old job. Isn’t that interesting? Anyhow I wore my sequin leggings to both events because why not?#sequin leggings

Favorite #5  I shared this week how my new job (it’s been almost a year) has been such a blessing. Especially in light of my dad’s health. But I’ll tell ya what, being able to work with my fireplace keeping me toasty warm is most definitely a job perk!


My view while I work!

Favorite #6  Last week I was the recipient of some major kindness. My sweet friend and newish blogger Amy of Coffee and Cocktails at the Casa won an incredible giveaway on another blog. When I saw that her name was the chosen winner I immediately emailed her because I was so excited for her! A few days later I got an email stating that she had picked ME to win the same prize – a $500 Nordstrom gift card. I was and still am speechless. I am not used to receiving such grand gestures. I panicked – how could I accept this? Immediately I Marco Polo’d Lisa because she is my ROCK. After she set me straight I emailed precious Amy and she told me why she chose me. Y’all NEVER underestimate the power of a kind word – spoken or written. More than a week later I still feel unworthy but so grateful!

So now it’s time for the weekend, what are your plans? I had a very special even planned for my nephews and one of my nieces but we have to reschedule. One nephew has to work and this even requires all hands on deck! It’s a top secret surprise for them and I cannot wait to share it with y’all once it’s done. On Saturday morning we have our Annual Family Holiday Brunch and I am looking forward to it. On Saturday night we have two parties.  Then on Sunday I made plans (bossy me, I know) for the men in our family to take my dad out to shop for my mom and to lunch. I think they’ll enjoy some good guy time. While I’m fairly certain I am quite possibly on everyone’s last nerve with all the plans I am making I could not care less! Ha! I mean it! How about you, what are you up to?

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