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I am so excited by today’s fashion prompt! This time of year is all about the sparkle and shine, from how we decorate our homes to how we adorn ourselves! You won’t be surprised to know how much I love a little sparkle. Sequins don’t scare me and over the years I’ve owned several sequin tops. I always end up regretting wearing them however, because my hair gets stuck in them. What’s a girl to do? Enter the sequin legging. My heart skipped a beat when they went on sale at 50% off last week with free shipping!Let me help you conquer your fear of wearing sequin leggings!

First things first. You are probably wondering what to wear on top? My advice? Treat them like any other legging. For a night out here’s how I’ll wear mine. The same cami I showed you last week. Easy peasy, right?#sequinleggings#sequinleggings

I am planning to wear them to a Christmas luncheon for work. I guarantee I’ll be the only one if sequins but that does not bother me one bit! I’ll wear my bell sleeve blouse. See how well this works?#sequinleggings#sequinleggings

You could easily wear a tailored white shirt, a sweater or tunic with these as well. See? No trouble at all styling them. Worried they’ll be uncomfortable? Forget it, they are super comfy. They have a velvet waistband and you cannot feel sequins against your skin anywhere. Winner!

So head on over to The Blended Blog to link up with us or to Whitney a la mode and link up with us there! I can’t wait to see what everyone is wearing!
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