Friday Favorites #47

It was really nice to take a break from the blog for a few days last week. That being said it is nice to be back this week! If my Friday Favorites had a theme this one would be family. My heart was full from the time we arrived in Gainesville on the 17th to watch the Gators right through the 25th when the boys left to go back to school. Here are a few highlights!
Gator Game
Favorite #1 – The game! My husband and I don’t go to too many UF football games. We watch from home of course. It was great to make it to a game on the 17th and get to sit with the boys in the student section. Even better was finding out they were both coming home that night!

Favorite #2 – Collin plays volleyball on one of the club teams at UF. They had a tournament at UCF – basically in our backyard. Not only did we love getting to see Collin and his team, but we got my dad to come as well!

Most of you know my dad is terminally ill and on hospice. For someone who is normally so vibrant it’s been hard for him to be stuck at home. I felt like he was focusing on dying rather than living so I talked with my parents about it. I can be very bossy when I need to be. Needless to say in the last week my dad has gotten out and spent less time at home. You know what? I see a difference!

Favorite #3 – My sweet niece Carly turned 14 on Friday. I took her shopping and out for dinner Monday night so we could pick out what she wanted. I find it hard to buy clothes for teenagers. I also think one of the very best gifts is the gift of time. Shopping and chatting together was my favorite and I know Carly liked it too! Having a night all about her helps us stay connected and lets her know how much I love her and I am interested in what’s going on in her life. I could have very easily given her a gift card but this was waaaaay better! We celebrated her birthday on Thanksgiving as a family.

Favorite #4 – We had the very best Thanksgiving in a long time at my sister’s house. Having our van has given my dad new life. We can pick him up, load his wheelchair along with his large size concentrator and he’s good to go! My boys picked him and my mom up that morning at 10:30 and didn’t return them home until 10:30 that night! While my mom drives and is fairly strong, lifting a wheelchair in and out of her car is very taxing. I am so grateful we got him out and had a great holiday!

If you missed any of my posts this week on Monday I shared some of my favorite Amazon purchases and on Wednesday I shared a holiday look for warmer weather. On Monday i hope you’ll join The Blended Blog for the December edition of TBB Asks!Here’s the fashion prompt for Wednesday too!

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