Weekend Wrap! Hello, May!

It’s been a long time since I’ve been so disappointed to see a weekend come to a close. But this past weekend came and went way too quickly. It started on Wednesday evening when we picked up our older son from the airport. We had not seen him since he left for Philly at the beginning of February.

After a stop for dinner we left for Gainesville. Once we checked into our hotel we met up with our other son for ice cream. It had been quite some time since the 4 of us were together. I was so happy!!!

The next morning was our nephew’s graduation. He finished his PhD in chemistry! The ceremony was wonderful but long. PhD candidates get a separate ceremony as they are presented by the staff member they work under. Also, since this is the highest honor educationally, they are given a little more time as opposed to the quick name calling in the general graduation ceremonies.

After the ceremony we had lunch with our family before heading home to Orlando. So many emotions that day! I am incredibly proud of my nephew and felt so much happiness at just the sheer joy of being able to see my two sons. It is honestly these little moments in life that matter most!

However, also that day, one of my very best friends was donating her kidney! My friend Lisa’s brother had been diagnosed with cancer in both kidneys. A kidney transplant was the cure and thank goodness Lisa was able to donate her kidney to her brother. Lisa and I have been talking about this for months but now that the day was finally there, well, let’s just say I could not get her family out of my thoughts. Luckily I got updates throughout the surgery (scheduled at the very same time as graduation). I am so very happy to report that all went well and the surgery was successful!

Needless to say, Thursday night I slept well!

On Friday we played tourist and took our older son, Nolan, on the Winter Park Scenic Boat Tour. Our younger son was still in Gainesville but headed home later that day. If you ever visit the Orlando area, do yourself a favor and do the one hour boat tour, it is lovely!

We had lunch in downtown Winter Park afterwards. Then headed home to host dinner for our best friends that night. They wanted to see Nolan while he was home. Our plan was to have an authentic Italian dinner! I made a two course meal- pasta with bechamel sauce for the 1st course followed by prime rib for the 2nd. I took zero pictures!!! Dinner was fabulous and then we played our Farkel, our favorite game with a group.

Saturday I was able to get back to my 5 mile walk. Gosh, I needed that! After that the 4 of us headed to the mall – at our son’s request. Again, zero pictures taken – ha!! We stopped by my mom’s house on the way home so she could see the boys – finally a photo! Our older son had an early (8am) flight back to Philly so we didn’t make any big plans for Saturday night. Dinner at a Mexican place and then home to relax.

Sunday morning we were up super early! We left the house by 6am to go to the airport. A quick goodbye and then we were headed home. I jumped back in bed for about an hour and then went for my walk. After a bath, we picked my mom up and then went to a graduation party! I took one photo all day – of my bath! Nolan brought me bath bombs for Mother’s Day and I used one.

Our younger son, Collin, is headed out early Tuesday morning for his study abroad program in Asia. The first stop is Seoul! Helping him get ready to be gone for a month – when he has only been home since Friday night – has been quite the task! We think he is ready, and let’s face it, at this point he’ll have to be!

Sorry for the quick post, I am tired and this is all I had in me. I hope you enjoyed a peek into what I’ve been up to! More than that, I hope you had a great weekend.

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