What’s Hot January 19, 2024

As I type that date, January 19 I get emotional. Why? Because 26 years ago today I became a mom for the first time! In some ways it seems like just yesterday and in others not so much. That day changed my life forever in all the best ways. Because January can be a bit of a let down after the holidays, I love having my precious son to celebrate!

Nolan is such a good person. Of course I am biased but honestly? He’s a great human. I am blessed to be his mom and thank God for allowing me the privilege. Last week, while I was working through phone calls, he placed this treat in front of me. He loves to cook and try new recipes and this sweet gesture brought me so much joy!

I am filled with all kinds of emotions because we are now counting down the days until he makes a move to Philadelphia. This boy of mine was meant to move on apparently and not stay close to the nest. He moved home from Nashville last year for what we thought would be about 6 months. Lucky for me it turned into a bit longer. But, now the move is scheduled and it won’t be long until we are empty nesters again. I am trying to be okay with this! Tring being the operative word here! In any case, let’s get onto what’s hot this week!

What’s Hot January 19

Besides recalling the birth of my son, I also celebrated the anniversary of my initiation into Kappa Delta. How can it be that long ago??? I share this in hopes that if you too were a sorority girl (or in some other organization) that you will reach out to your local alumnae chapter. So many of us tend to feel disconnected in this season of life; our kids graduate and go on to college or a career and somehow we lose that part of our social lives. You know the part that went to high school football games and all things involving our kids? Then all of a sudden you stop seeing the people you used to see and your life seems different. Let this be a reminder that there’s a part of you and your history that you can revisit! Reconnecting has been a blessing to me!

Speaking of reconnecting…normally I don’t go out to dinner during the week but that was not the case on Wednesday night. I was thrilled to get together with friends (I used to work with these women when I worked for WW) when another friend was in town. The visiting friend is 93 years young and such an incredible and inspiring woman! A few years ago I would have never gone out on a Wednesday night but I am saying yes to more things and I have never looked back!

This week I found a new show on Hulu that I really like! It’s called Death and Details and stars Mandy Patinkin. Check out the trailer.

This week has been cold and I have LOVED it! Wearing layers and bundling up makes my heart happy – I KNOW I am in the minority here but the cooler weather has me giddy! P.S. My gray eyelash sweater is under $20!

Also? Can we take a moment and rejoice that the Walmart blazer I have loved for a few years is back in stock?? Still under $40. I own it in a medium and a small, wearing the medium below. This is what I wore on Wednesday out to dinner btw.

Hot Sale!

Whenever I am looking to update my denim I rely on Evereve. The in-person shopping experience is the best in my opinion. Why? Well, the sales associates are trained on fit and style. I allow them to make suggestions and bring me things I wouldn’t have picked out for myself. Until the 21st they have a flash sale on their denim – this hardly ever happens! My very favorite slouchy, wide leg denim are on sale as well as my slim, straight leg pair. If you are looking for premium denim, Evereve is the place to go! Shop the sale here.

This weekend will be a busy one for us. Tonight we celebrate our son with a dinner at one of his favorite spots. Tomorrow we have a Dedication and 1 year old birthday party. On Sunday we head to Gainesville to help Nolan & Emma move out of her apartment. Whew – I am tired just thinking about it!

Friends, I hope you have some good things to celebrate from the week and you’re looking forward to the weekend ahead. Keep in mind that if you want things to change, you need to be the one to do it!

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