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Hello Friday and hello friends! In my neck of the woods, school will be starting soon and with it comes the beginning of a frenzied time. On the heels of relaxing, lazy days comes August with the return of schedules, homework, and if you’re a teacher exhaustion. This I know all too well as I spent many years as a school counselor in a physical school. I’m sharing my 5 tips to feel your best to remind you to take care of yourself whether you’re a teacher, parent, or you’re feeling like you need a boost!

5 Tips to Feel Your Best

Listen, you are not alone. Not a single one of us wakes up each day feeling amazing and ready to tackle the world. Anyone who tells you that is not being honest. Sometimes it’s lack of sleep, stress, poor nutrition, hormones, any number of things really that weigh us down. One thing I know is that YOU control YOU and how we look and feel are very closely related. My 5 tips, once employed, will help you feel more empowered to tackle those things in your life that need to be dealt with.

Also? This list isn’t meant to be the be all end all – just 5 fun things that I have noticed make a difference for me.

Tip #1

First and foremost, get dressed each day. On top of that I say dress for yourself. All too often I hear women say, ‘why get dressed? I’m not seeing anyone.” Oh, but darling you are! YOU see yourself in the mirror, in a window’s reflection – YOU are the most important person to dress for.

These are 3outfits I have worn while working from home. No plans to see anyone or do anything exciting but I get myself ready each day for me. I find I am more productive when I am dressed and put together.

Stop saving things for special occasions or when you think you’ll see someone. Wear what you like TODAY.

Tip #2

My second tip is to wash your face and add a little make up! Maybe even a new lip in a bright shade. It’s amazing how transformative a little color can be! Right now Ulta is celebrating National Lipstick Day with BOGO 50% off on lipsticks! I say try this pretty peach for a neutral but pretty summery look, this light pink, this peony pink, or this Tropical Coral. Check out the sale here!

Tip #3

Along the same lines of a little color- how about using a self tanner? If you can’t tone it then tan it! Everything looks better with a glow. Whether you want a full on color experience or something more gradual, a little color goes a long way. I have found the best self tanners are from the brand B.Tan. You can buy them at Walmart or on Amazon. Please stop wasting money on expensive self tanners, this one works and doesn’t smell! It’s also vegan and cruelty-free.

Tip #4

There have been times I’ve looked in the mirror after doing my make up and thought – hmmph. Something is not right. Usually it’s because my face is looking dull and needs a little attention. As much as I’d love to have an aesthetician on speed dial, I do not. In times like this I pull out a face mask and exfoliate. It works wonders! This doesn’t have to cost a ton, you can pick up inexpensive sheet masks just about anywhere!

Tip #5

Finally, wear your jewelry! Yep, that’s right. Wear some earrings, bracelets, a necklace no matter what you are wearing for clothes. You’d be surprised at the difference this makes. I swear once you start taking care of the little details you start reinforcing the notion that you are put together and worth it.

Some of my very favorite every day pieces come from Amazon. My earrings and necklace are worn on repeat and have not tarnished.

Final Thoughts

The more time and attention you give yourself, the more you will flourish. It’s true. Women often prioritize every one and everything besides themselves. Let’s change that. Let’s remember that if we do not take care of ourselves there is little left to care for others. YOU matter. YOU are a priority. YOU are valued!


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