Friday Favorites #41

Oh Friday, my favorite day of the week! I have a lot to share today so let’s get right to it, shall we?

Favorite #1 – ICYMI this week I was lucky enough to share the first of two pairs of boots I received from Jambu. Check out my post here. The Rimini booties  are so comfortable and stylish as well. I have really enjoyed wearing them. One of the best features is not having to wear socks or stockings with them. They have no seams inside so nothing rubs my feet and the insole is breathable so no sweaty, stinky feet! That post was also the first time I had my husband take an action shot of me – I jumped! That leads me to the rest of my favorites!                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                    I took a selfie with my Echo Look on Wednesday wearing my camo jeans and my Rimini booties.Don’t forget if you use the code THISBLONDE18 for 15% off your order at between now and 11/19.

Favorite #2 I am still flying high from my Nashville trip to meet up with some blogging buddies. It’s where I first learned how to jump in blog photos. After so many takes I finally learned how to catch some air! Like everything else it’s a work in progress and I am currently working on controlling my facial expressions so I don’t look scared to death!

Favorite #3 Several of the ladies have shared a recap of our trip and they each did an amazing job. Who am I to recreate the wheel, right? Check out what Shelly, Andrea, and Lisa had to say. If you are planning a getaway you should totally consider Nashville. It was fun and the people were just as sweet as could be. But my favorite part of this whole adventure and what I want to share is the power of words. See that’s what brought us all together. It all started with a kind comment here and there and before we knew it we were friends. Never discount the power of a comment or a spoken word. Not a single one of us was invited on this trip because we are killing it on the blogging scene or because we might be able to mentor someone else. While lots of sharing did take place we were there first and foremost because we had bonded through words first. I’m happy to say, just as the other ladies have said, that there were no surprises. Everyone was just as kind and fabulous in person as they appear on their respective blogs.

Favorite # 4 While on our trip the majority of the time (in fact in the group picture of me jumping above) I was wearing a new pair of sandals. I had several people ask me about them. They are from the brand Sofft and I found them on major clearance at Dillard’s the day before leaving for Nashville. They are uber comfortable with a very cushiony footbed and the leather straps are butter soft. I was able to wear them all day long without any kind of breaking in period and I am happy to report no blisters! Grab a pair while you can for next spring and summer!

Favorite #5 You may have seen the swag bags that Andrea gifted us but in addition to that we all brought a little something for one another. It was like Christmas y’all! I bought everyone this lipstick in the color Bling and my super talented friend (and Stampin’ Up consultant) Windy made these adorable boxes for them. I am blessed in the friend department to have Windy in my life! FYI – see those little dots? Windy sent me with back up adhesive just in case there were any accidents with the boxes, dang, she knows me so well!
Favorite #6 My boys are coming home later today and I could not be happier! We are having family pictures taken bright and early tomorrow morning. Here’s what I have planned for us to wear:
The boys shirts are all from Old Navy (similar, similar)and my top is from Target. I own the top in the blush color too. I thank Lisa for introducing me to this top!

Favorite #6 Here are some of my favorite pictures from our trip. I have to mention that a couple of things became very apparent to me. Number one: I eat way more than everyone else – seriously these ladies eat like birds! They order from the children’s menu sometimes while I am a card carrying member of the clean plate club! Another thing (I kinda already knew this) is that I cannot take a selfie, nor a photo of my food, Insta Stories make me nervous, and I have no idea how to pose. But that was the fun thing about being with these ladies. We all have something to offer and I was in awe of their abilities to set up shots and suggest such creative poses.
Allow me to share a thought or two about my amazing friends!
Andrea is the sweetest most giving person. Andrea is the kind of friend that exudes warmth and caring. I’m certain she is incapable of a negative comment or thought, I don’t even think I can corrupt her! Ha!
Laura is the epitome of charm and grace. Also? I could listen to her sweet southern accent all day long! I’m surprised she likes me because I am not the epitome of charm and grace but y’all she likes me, I know she does! I’m fairly certain she’ll never hear the word “charcuterie” again without laughing and I am happy to have played a part in that!
Chrissy has the most beautiful spirit and is s0 talented when it comes to all things social media. Seriously this girl has got game! She is such a beauty and can throw on anything and look amazing – I love her style!
Shelly not only has the most beautiful, radiant skin but she is a take charge, get things done kinda woman. It’s no wonder this momma of 4 has very talented and accomplished children. i am grateful she put together an itinerary for us, brought her mac daddy of a camera and imparted valuable blogging knowledge. Not only that but she is great to talk to – Lisa and I stayed up talking into the wee hours of the morning with her. Just can’t get enough!
Lisa, oh where do I begin? We’ve met before and I know her the best since we talk pretty much all day long on Marco Polo. This friend of mine has a heart of gold and a natural beauty. She feels like family to me and when we said goodbye I left thinking I’ll most certainly see her again. In fact I feel that way about all of these ladies. We will see one another again.
Each of these ladies adds something amazing to my life and I am better because of them.                                                                                                                                                   I hope when you read about our trip or see the pictures you are inspired to pursue relationships yourself, regardless of geographical location because honestly it means nothing. My favorite part of this trip was just being with these ladies. I could not have cared less where we went or what we did I craved fellowship, community, and friendship. I can happily and honestly report that those things were delivered to me in abundance!

Now, head on over to The Blended Blog and link up your favorite posts from the week! On Monday we’ll be back with another terrific prompt and we would love to have you join us!#selfcare

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