Friday Favorites

Another weekend on the horizon and this one will be a great one for us. We are finally getting out of the house! I swear for weeks we’ve been in and so busy with chores galore. This remodel business is no joke. So I’m super excited to be getting away, especially because we’re celebrating our son’s college graduation!

Favorite #1Summa Cum what???

The happiest mail came this week from UF. It was the commencement program from UF. Something about seeing your kid’s name in print is exciting and we can hardly wait for the virtual graduation next Saturday. The best surprise was finding out that our son is graduating Summa Cum Laude with his engineering degree.

Listen, we have no idea what grades our kids earn in college. Their report cards don’t come in the mail and they’re linked in their portals. We have left it to them to make sure they’re doing what they need to do to maintain their scholarships. If they lose their scholarship they have to pay their tuition. So, yes, it was a total surprise to us (and to him). I had to ask him why there were 3 stars by his name (my first thought was -because I’m a jokester – do you have an outstanding parking ticket?). He looked at the legend and then googled what it meant! Yes, we are that clueless! But we’re very proud of him, so YES, I am bragging about my boy!

Favorite #2 Sweater Weather

This week we actually had COLD weather here in Orlando. I could hardly believe it. Sweater weather is my favorite – I prefer it any day over the sweltering heat that is our norm. I know I’ve shared this sweater before but it is worth sharing again.


But I was super excited to wear this sweater! I wanted it last year and never ordered it – then it was sold out. I wasted no time ordering it this year. I love it!

Sweater || Gingham Shirt

Favorite #3 Throwback

I enjoy seeing Memories on Facebook and when this one popped up the other day I was shocked. Just 7 years ago I was wearing all the shoes – and this pair was my holiday shoe! I can hardly believe that back then I could literally wear any shoe. Of course that’s no longer the case and I sure do miss those days. Luckily I have found some great alternatives and while I may never wear stilettos again I do have some fabulous heels!

Favorite #4 Eyebobs

A few weeks ago my friend Shelly shared her new glasses from Eyebobs on Instagram. I commented on how much I like them and within an hour or so I had an invitation to work with them! As a progressive lens wearer, I am here to tell you that the struggle is real when it comes to glasses.

Eyebobs gifted me a pair using my current prescription. I am over the moon in love with these – I can see clearly now the rain is gone…(c’mon you are singing that song now!).

There were no weird measurements that needed to be taken and the whole process was easy peasy. I certainly did not expect that! From now until January 18th you can use my code ThisBlondesShoppingBag10 to save 10% off your own pair. They have readers and all kinds of fun frames! The best part? Shipping in the US is free and they have a 90 day return policy!

Have a marvelous weekend, friends! I’ll see you back here on Monday!

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