Friday Favorites #39 – It’s Fall Y’all!

In case you couldn’t tell from the title, I am dedicating this Friday Favorites to all things fall! I love to decorate for fall, it gets me excited and brings a smile to my face. Partly because when these decorations come down Christmas is going up!

Favorite #1 I love my mantel this year. The majority of these items were purchased at Target or Michael’s.  Since I spend the majority of my work days in this area it’s important to show it a little love and that includes the area by my sink.

Favorite #2 Fall colors lend themselves very well to the furnishings (which I’d like to change) in my living room, dining room, and entry way. These pumpkins are all old – the foam pumpkins are from Michael’s and my boys carved them years ago. We don’t carve real pumpkins because they literally rot overnight in this humidity.

I picked up this pretty pillow and runner for my dining room area from TJMaxx.
Favorite #3 I have two favorite candles this time of year. From Bath and Body Works I am all about Leaves this time of year. I also love Pumpkin Waffles from Walmart. It’s less than $5 in store but it’s hard to find. I found only one and bought it.

Favorite #4 Since I like to live on the edge (totally a joke as I DO NOT) I switch up my coffee too! I love Dunkin Donuts Pumpkin Spice coffee and make it every morning. I’m not a Keurig fan – I like brewed coffee.

Favorite #5 As much as I love a good PSL creamer I do not like the added calories. I love this pumpkin spice protein shake from GNC and that’s what I add to my coffee when I feel like splurging. It tastes good and isn’t a waste of calories so it’s a win-win in my book!

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