Whatnot App Review

Recently I’ve been introduced to a new kind of online shopping and I want to tell you all about it! It’s called Whatnot and is a lot like the merging of QVC and Poshmark. By using the Whatnot App shoppers can have a full, live auction experience or buy from a seller’s marketplace. It’s fast paced, it’s fun, and some great deals can be found! Read on for my full review!

Whatnot App Review

First and foremost, Whatnot has its own free App. You simply download it from your App store and start perusing what interests you most. You’ll answer questions about your preferences and interests and then check out suggested sellers and upcoming auctions. Using the Whatnot App you can bid on and buy new or used clothing, accessories, and cosmetics.

In the spirit of transparency and full disclosure, I was contacted by Whatnot about collaborating. As a means to spread the word about this type of shopping and the Whatnot App to women in my demographic, I agreed to film a couple of reels for IG and write a blog post. I am sharing my truthful and honest experience however.

Pros & Cons of the Whatnot App

While I’ve only been using the Whatnot App for a few weeks, I have made two purchases. I’ve quickly learned there are a few pros and cons to this type of shopping.

The pros to shopping the Whatnot App depend on what you’re shopping for of course. Designer and luxury brands that normally go for thousands of dollars are on auction for a fraction of the cost. If there is a specific item you are looking for you can search for it, find an auction, and then bid (in real time) for it! Keep in mind, however, that the auction is live and that you will be bidding against others. That being said my advice is to have a clear idea of what you are willing to spend.

Unlike Ebay or other auctions, using the Whatnot App you’ll discover that the auctions last roughly 15-30 seconds! No waiting around to see if your bid won, honestly, there is a lot of excitement in a live auction! The other nice thing is that you can ask questions directly to the seller during the auction. Need specific measurements, they can do that! Want to know how a brand runs? They’ll answer that!

Sellers are vetted and Whatnot protects buyers. You can shop with confidence and that is especially important when online shopping.

As far as cons go, I have found that it can be a little frustrating trying to find the right auctions and sellers for my taste and style. The only way to really know if a seller has what you like is to join the auction and get a feel for it. I found out pretty quickly that a few were not a good fit while others were. I would recommend shopping from @smartthreads, @bundl , @ebayprincess, @klesak, and @dailyrefinement to get started!

Shopping this way takes a fair amount of patience and time. Although the auctions are short and fast paced, I have found myself waiting and watching for some time before finding something I wanted to bid on. Then, as luck would have it, I was outbid when I did find something I liked. There are quite a few re-sellers that use the Whatnot App and they have their bidding down to a science! You may find something you like but a lot can happen in 15-30 seconds!

The Auction Experience

This is what the live auction looks like! Swipe to place your bid and you can see not only who is winning but also the shipping charge.

I’ll admit I was a little nervous in my first auction! Especially when the host welcome me – ha!! I quickly learned it was fun and more personable than I anticipated. Basically, here is what to expect: you join the auction and see the seller holding up a garment. Before the actual auction for that item takes place, the seller gives a full description of the item, notes the size, any marks or imperfections, and the suggested retail. Before starting the timer and actually beginning the auction the seller answers and questions that come up and then it’s how time! You can see in real time the number of seconds left and who has the winning bid. You simply slide left to bid and when the timer ends the winning bid is announced.

You can see who won the auction! The buyer got this $1900 bag for $695!

You’ll get a notification from Whatnot once your order ships. The email contains tracking information so you can anticipate when it will arrive. Keep in mind that the seller is doing the shipping and it’s not overnight. Shipping and taxes are paid by the buyer, however, you will know exactly what you are paying during the auction and at the time of bidding – no surprise charges!

Where Does this Stuff Come From?

You are probably wondering where all the stuff comes from that Whatnot sellers offer. I sure was! It was explained to me that many retailers don’t accept online returns directly back to the store. Returned items are shipped to a facility and then sold in pallets to buyers. Those buyers then sell the items in a variety of ways, one of which is on the Whatnot App.

My Purchases

I’ve made two purchases so far using the Whatnot App. The first is a dress from the brand Oliphant. Dresses from Oliphant retail for $250 – $600 depending on the style. My dress was around $50. It is new with tags and took about 6 days to arrive. Honestly I am thrilled with the purchase!

The other item I purchased is a pair of Frame jeans, also new with tags. The style is Le Sylvie Slim Straight, they appear to be a previous year’s style as they are sold out. The seller described the fit perfectly so I knew exactly what size I needed. Of course she held them up as well during the auction so I could see the tag and condition. They arrived in about 4 days. I bought the jeans for $25 – total win in my book! This pair is similar by the same brand.

How to Get the Most Out of the Whatnot App

To get the most our of your Whatnot App experience I suggest knowing the brands you like as well as your size and measurements. I have yet to see an option to return items so once you buy it, it’s yours! Before purchasing my Oliphant dress I googled the brand and looked over their size chart. For the Frame denim I bought I followed the sellers advice. My two purchases so far have come from @smartthreads and @klesak.

I would also suggest finding and following sellers you like. I searched “Contemporary Fashion” and found some I liked and others I didn’t. Like anything, the more you use it the better your app experience will be. It can be fun and a great way to add to your wardrobe! Download the app and use this link to get $10 credit towards your first purchase making the deal even sweeter!

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