Friday Favorites #11

Cheers for Friday and the upcoming weekend! I am anxious to get right to the point today with my favorites so let’s jump right on in!

Favorite #1 I hope you don’t count this as cheating because technically part of this outfit was mentioned last week.  Please forgive me as clearly I am a troubled individual.  I did share last week here my love of this sweater (under $20).  On Wednesday I wore it with my camo pants and I kind of  loved pairing two things I’m crazy about together. Let me tell you I was in fact the best dressed at the grocery store in this ensemble but totally in my element later that day when I met some friends for happy hour!

Favorite #2 Speaking of things I like wearing, last weekend I attended my sweet niece’s 2nd birthday party. She and I both wore tulle skirts and cowboy boots! This girl is so super special and seeing the pure joy on her angelic face was the highlight of my week.  I mean seriously she loves all things princess but is over the moon crazy about animals.  The petting zoo and pony rides were a huge hit!

Favorite #3 Last week when I discussed all things beauty (here)I shared my inability to properly blow out my hair.  Well, Gina commented and shared she’s in the same boat but uses a blow dryer with built in brush and it does the trick.  She sent me a link for the one she’s thinking of getting next.  Did I mention is was on Amazon?  Yes, come to momma.  And it did a mere 2 days later! Yes, I am loving it! My hair hasn’t tangled once! Thanks Gina!

Favorite #4 Oh this dressing, it is soooooo good.  I purchased it at the Wal-mart Grocery because my Publix didn’t have it.  Let me tell you it is good. Dang good!  So if you’re looking for a healthy dressing that is delicious you need to get this! I am sharing this combo pack from Amazon!

Favorite #5 Speaking of food, I want to share my latest sweet tooth satisfying obsession.  It’s fat free, plain Greek yogurt mixed with chocolate protein powder.  Now my protein Powder available here is delicious. It has 20 grams of protein, 80 calories and no fat, no sugar, no carbs. It is 100% pure whey protein isolate. The Greek Yogurt (I use approximately 1/2 cup) has 65 calories and 11 grams of protein. The link I provided is not an affiliate link by the way. I am sharing it with you because if you’d like to lose weight, eat better, and get a great work out give Ideal Fit a look. There are always challenges starting – they are FREE and you get all the meal plans and workouts. My favorite is the 15 day challenge!

So that does it for today, I hope you found something to inspire you today.  Are you ready to pair pink and camo?  How about wear a tulle skirt with cowboy boots?  Maybe you need a new hair dryer with an attached brush, a new salad dressing, or a healthy sweet treat – clearly I have you covered but that’s what girlfriends are for, right?! Have the very best weekend and may the luck of the Irish be with you!


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