Rock on Sister

Hey sister! Come on, sister! You got this sister! Ahhhh, all the phrases I used to say regularly to the girls at school.  There was no better way to calm an upset child than to use a little distraction at my old school.  I had all kinds of pet names for those sweet kids! Always worked like a charm – I’d get called to talk to little crying her sweet eyes out – usually she missed her mom – I’d try to start a conversation and she’d have nothing to do with it.  Then I’d say, “Ahh come on sister – you’re missing all the fun!” She’d look up  with those teary eyes and say “I’m not your sister!” Then I’d say, “Oh sure you are; I call all my friends sister.” Then little giggles would ensue and before you know it the inconsolable child was happy and headed back to class. That was my secret, don’t tell anyone okay?

Several years ago we visited St. Augustine and I found this fabulous little necklace at a street vendor’s table – it had to be mine! Now when I see it I am reminded of those sweet children I consoled and befriended and it brings a smile to my face.  Connection is the answer, caring is the answer, love is the answer and with that simple phrase it was what I conveyed.

It finally cooled off over the weekend in my neck of the woods. Than goodness, after days of record heat it was a welcome change.  I have been chomping at the bit to wear my new sweater and Sunday presented the perfect opportunity!

sweater/denim/similar earrings

sweater/denim/similar earrings on sale/open toe booties
I wasn’t exactly sure if I’d wear the sweater off one shoulder or both. Guess what? I didn’t matter. I didn’t have to commit one way or another! I just let the sweater do what it wanted and it was just fine! Cozy and comfy!

sweater/denim/open toe booties /similar earrings on sale

sweater/denim/open toe booties /similar earrings on sale

A close up of my sweet necklace that brings me so many happy memories!
Do you have a piece like that? It’s not expensive yet it’s priceless to me!

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