Final Friday of June Favorites

We all knew it was coming and some of us have been literally counting the days! The final Friday of June has arrived. I’ve been counting the days because my virtual school is closed all next week and I am looking forward to the break. My June Favorites are a hodge podge of things, some you have seen here on the blog and others have caught my eye recently and may be in a shopping cart now!

Here’s a little outfit inspo for your 4th of July!

June Favorites

Besides being my birth month, June brought an opportunity to see one of my best friends and also meet a few others in person! It was a great day!

I was fortunate to work with Brindle Boutique and they graciously gifted me a few items. My favorite is a toss up between all of these pieces. Shop all of Brindle Boutique here and use my code KELLY for 25% off of your order!

My favorite purchase this month is actually two purchases. The first is this adorable striped dress from Walmart. I am smitten with the stripes, the fabric – it’s feminine, flirty, and fun!

My other favorite purchase is this strapless bra. A lot of you loved it too! Let me say that if you have a large bust like me (34E) there is really no way you will get as much support from a strapless bra as you will with a strapped bra. However, this one does not slip, does provide some lift, and it separates – no uniboob. I also find it comfortable and the side construction sort of reminds me compression fabric.

I probably also just need to go ahead and admit that these shoes are my favorite shoe purchase this year. Oh, I know…bold statement. But I mean it! I wear these every dang day, my feet never hurt, and they go with EVERYTHING! I snapped this photo as I was typing this – excuse the need for a pedicure.

I also really like this quote. I saw it on a friend’s Facebook and took a screen shot. How often are we caught up in worry, regret, and anxiety?

June Favorites Eyeing and Spying

With the 4th of July just days away it means all kinds of sales are happening! I created a wish list for Everve and found out that have put all their clothes on sale! Everve is THE place for casual and cool clothes. The mules are shoes I already own and love – they are part of the sale – super lightweight!

Please stop spending too much on Loving Tan and give B.Tan a try! I swear it works. I was so thrilled to hear one of my favorite YouTubers say the same thing. She recently tried B.Tan’s Forever + Ever Mousse. Good news! It’s on sale for $11.99 at Ulta! Have you tried this brand yet? I’ve been using it for over a year and I will never look back!

I am also eyeing these wide leg cropped pants from Chico’s. Also? I have a reward that expires soon. So, yea, they’re pretty much mine! Ha!!!

Loft is also having a sale and then once July begins we will hear all about Prime Days (July 11& 12) and the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale.

Have a great weekend, friends! I hope you feel refreshed, rested and energized!

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June Favorites


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