Updating White Denim Outfits

It’s true that some things just never go out of style and even serve as the back bone of a great wardrobe. But even those staple pieces need an update every now and then. Sort of like technology – most never think twice of updating their phone or even getting a new one – but change our hairstyle or make up? The very idea is met with resistance. The suggestion of swapping out skin tight skinny jeans for something more relaxing and flattering? Well, THOSE are fighting words! Ha!!!

updating white denim outfits

Jill & I are going to start a little something here. We are going to take our own previously enjoyed outfits and update them to reflect current style and trends. We decided to start with updating white denim outfits. Because the truth of the matter is, if you’re wearing the very same pieces in the very same way as you did back in 2016 – you will look outdated. Dare I say you may even look somewhat frumpy? Here’s the thing, my opinion means NOTHING. However, if you have ever admired someone else’s style and wondered why you just can’t quite achieve the look you want then pay attention to things like this. You’ll find that the basic formula still works but the pieces are updated.

Updated White Denim

Oh good Lord! When I pull up old photos from the blog, all I can think is, thank goodness I do all the hiring and firing around here because surely, someone else would have kindly gotten rid of me. ages ago. This first outfit actually makes me laugh. I’m not even sure why except that maybe I thought I was on the cutting edge of fashion??? Anyway…there’s just too much going on here and this outfit is not cohesive. This was back in 2019.

Boho Top + White Jeans+ Snake Skin Booties
updating white denim outfits

An updated version. I still like wearing white and black together but I’m toning things down. This updated version is a better fit for my style personality.

updating white denim outfits

This one isn’t nearly as bad except maybe the proportions are a bit off. On a personal note, I was trying hard to embrace python but the truth of the matter is, I don’t really like wearing it. The big leather earrings and the platform sandals date the look too – but I’ll tell you what – those shoes were comfortable. I had them in two colors. This was from April, 2019.

updating white denim outfits

The updated version features a more modern cut of white denim. I shed the python print (ha!! see what I did there?) and went monochromatic. That’s one way to always look more elegant and chic!

updating white denim outfits

White Denim for 2023: What’s Changed

Instead of trying to be all the things to all the people, in 2023, I am finding my own personal style. Having a blog has been so helpful for me to see and feel what works and what doesn’t. I’m certainly not there yet – I think it’s an ongoing journey rather than a destination for people like me. I am understanding that I can like something, think it’s cute, see it on sale for a great price and yet not buy it. Asking myself if I can really see myself wearing it and how it will work with the rest of my wardrobe has been a tremendous help. Alas, I am a work in progress.

updating white denim outfits

When I am updating outfits, or even getting my closet ready for a new season, I ask myself, what am I trying to say? What is the overall vibe of my look? Are my style words evident?

I am finding my self drawn to cleaner lines, less fuss, comfortable and casual yet chic and sophisticated. The formulas may not have changed much but the ingredients have. White denim has gotten looser – no more skintight skinnies, the cardigans have gotten shorter, and the need for infinity scarves and Hunter boots is no longer!

updating white denim outfits

White Denim Options for Fall

Here we are after Labor Day discussing white denim. Wholeheartedly I believe if I lived up north, I’d be packing away the white denim along with eyelet, seersucker, linen, and other typical Summer fabrics and styles. However, living in more of a tropical climate, white denim can be worn all year. In fact, Fall seems to be one of the best times to wear it because Summer is way too hot!

Lately I have seen off white and cream replacing stark white as an option for denim in Fall and Winter. These are great choices if you just can’t bring yourself to wear white after Labor Day. On Sunday I took advantage of the Labor Day Sales and grabbed this pair of tonal ecru Cindy from Paige for 20% off. I can hardly wait for them to arrive! Below is a photo from last year, head to toe Target in off white. I really like the monochromatic look!

updating white denim outfits

I hope this post gave you something to think about when it comes to looking more modern and fresh. Have you found yourself updating your wardrobe lately? How has your style evolved over the years?

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