Best Blazer Ever

The best blazer ever is back in stock! After purchasing this blazer last fall in black, I immediately ordered it again in ivory. My only regret was not grabbing it in more colors. It didn’t take long for me to realize this was in fact the best blazer ever. Sadly, it has been sold out for months and I just about gave up on it.

But what makes it so? Quite simply put everything. Yes, everything. The fabric does not wrinkle, it’s breathable, just the right amount of stretch, and looks so rich and luxurious. It is the rare occasion that I wear one of my blazers and don’t get a compliment.

My friend Shelly agrees with me, this blazer is the best!

The price is jaw dropping good. I paid $32 for it last fall but it has since been marked down to $22. It was a steal at $32 but at $22? Sorry, I don’t have a word for that. Insane possibly. Or maybe that’s just me because when I checked its availability on Friday and found it was restocked, I ordered three more: red, royal blue, and pink.

This is the best blazer ever because it instantly elevates the look of any outfit. The fit is perfection because the cut is just that good. I have it in size medium. This allows me to wear it over sweaters and still feel comfortable. I can also wear it with just a cami – it is so versatile.

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The best blazer ever is available in 8 colorways and comes in size XS- XXL. If you are unsure about what size to get, I suggest getting two sizes and returning the one you don’t want to keep. Walmart does offer free in store returns OR you can print a shipping label and return it for free by mail. The blazer is not sold in stores – it’s not a Walmart brand – but you CAN return it in store.

Blazer + Sweater + Black Denim + Gucci Belt + Black Booties
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Let me know what you think about this blazer. Is it worthy of the title, best blazer ever?


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