Friday Favorites July 23

Happy Friday, friends! Today’s not just any Friday, tonight the Olympics kick off! Will you be watching? I’m not a glued-to-the-tv-watching-every-game kinda gal but I may watch the opening ceremony.

Favorite #1

As much as I like snapping photos on my phone, they tend to live there a little too long. Years ago I made albums (remember Creative Memories?) but it’s been so long, I’m not sure I have the focus any longer. I recently made a photobook on Popsa, a new to me app that literally took minutes. It was quick and easy (all done from your phone) and the cost was negligible. Have you tried it yet? I told my husband I as going to start doing this more often just as a way to get the photos off my phone and into our hands.

Favorite #2

I had my mammogram this week – have you had yours yet? It’s nice to get that done. Each year I have a mammogram and sonogram – this has been my reality for the last 15 years. When I was in college I had a breast reduction so in addition to all the scar tissue I have very dense breasts with tons of cysts. So I always know what to expect – lots of views, poking and prodding. It’s always nice when it’s over and I hope you are diligent about getting this done.

My Gibby’s scarf was a fun way to add a little extra to my mammo look!
My cute tee is still available at Target – only $10!

Favorite #3

Last week I shared a one and done NSale post. I placed my order on Friday with no intention of purchasing anything else. I did go back and order one more thing. This bag is on its way to me – I had looked at it last year and didn’t get it. Almost two weeks ago I got a new phone (it’s so much larger than my old one) and now when I take walks it no longer fits in my old belt bag. For $18 I could not even find a bag I liked as well at Target.

I am still waiting for my other items to be shipped to me. Last year so many things I tried ordering kept getting cancelled – I get it – they are pulling items from stores and if someone comes in to buy in person, there it goes. Feeling like I have outsmarted Nordstrom (I have not), I placed another order for the two items and had my son pick them up in Nashville. I’ll have him send them to me. The price of shipping won’t be much and better than having me drive 2 hours to the Nordstrom near me. Let’s face it, if I shopped in person, I’d end up buying more. This felt like a win to me and I regret not doing it in the first place.

Here’s what I ordered:

Favorite #4

Chico’s Flash Sale is today only! You’ll want to check this out here. You’ll pay just $39 for a non-iron linen when you buy a pair of Brigitte shorts (10 or 13 inch inseam for $39. These shorts are my favorite and can we get an Amen for a non-iron linen?

Loft Sale – just saw that Loft has 50% off and $5 shipping when you use the code: OMG So much goodness for summer and early fall!

In case you missed it, on Monday I shared my make up routine here. On Wednesday I shared a few summer outfits here.

That’s about it for today, I wish you a wonderful and restful weekend filled with all kinds of soul-nourishing goodness! I’ll see you back here on Monday!

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