7 Different Foods to Add Into Your Diet This Year

So many of us make commitments (or resolutions) to eat better in the new year. I thought this would be great to share in case you are looking for some inspiration on what to eat to get the most nutritional bang for your caloric buck!

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Being healthy can seem like a chore and something that can easily be forgotten about so instead of trying to go full health nut mode just start introducing some different foods into your everyday meals. Start eating healthier and before you know it you will be enjoying a variety of healthy foods on a daily basis. Win-win! 


Kale was in the limelight a few years ago and everyone was giving it ago but it seems to have been forgotten about again now. Cooking kale can be quite easy but knowing how to cook kale well and so you can get the most out of it is a different thing entirely. You can try adding it into curries and stews, blend it in a smoothie or simply roast it in the oven to make Kale chips. Kale is high in vitamin C and vitamin K. 


These little guys can get a bad rep but they are really good for you and really adaptable to put into different dishes. They are a source of protein, fiber, and antioxidants while also being low in calories. Pop them in a curry, add them to your beans on toast or simply have them alongside a nice bit of steak. 


This addition to a meal will give you healthy fats and protein, potassium, and vitamin B alongside being one of the best sources of omega-3 fatty acids. Try using salmon differently, swap it to put in your taco’s, make a fish pie with salmon and vegetables or you can even try it with noodles for an Asian dish. 


The humble avocado and apparent millennial favorite. It is full of healthy fats and fiber. It can be used to replace butter on toast, added into salads, and used to make the household favorite guacamole to pair with some nachos. Another top recipe to try is a creamy salsa verde. You won’t be disappointed. 

Sweet potato/Yam

This beauty does what it says on the tin, it is like a potato only sweeter. Full of A and C vitamins and a great substitute if you are trying to cut down on your carbs and potato intake. These go perfect in curries, roasted like a baked potato to be topped with cheese, beans, or chili, whatever your favorite is. 


Keeping yourself fuller for longer in the morning will reduce your calorie intake for the day but is also high in fiber so it is certainly a friend to your digestive system. This breakfast choice is so easily adaptable you can put whatever you want on top, nuts, seeds, and fruits. You can make it a bit naughty by using some chocolate soy milk to make it to give you chocolate oatmeal.

Dark Chocolate

Yes, that’s right, chocolate can be a good choice to add to your diet. By choosing the dark chocolate option you are having something which has more antioxidants than any other chocolate and is low in sugar. So treat yourself to a bit each day!


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