Wedding Weekend Wrap Up

Happy Monday, friends! We had a really wonderful weekend filled with celebration and love. Sunday came way too fast and after having both of my boys home, the nest feels incredibly empty now. Harder still is that we have no idea of when we’ll see Nolan again. Since moving to Nashville in January we had little events scheduled here and there (all associated with the wedding) so we knew when he’d be headed home. With all of that done now we enter into the great unknown. That is hard. For me. Ugh.

I need this !

I’d like to focus on all the fun from the weekend so here we go! Friday was a full day for the wedding party starting at 7:30am with breakfast. The wedding wasn’t until 5:30pm but the girls all had hair and make up and the guys had haircuts and shaves scheduled. Our younger son drove home from school for the wedding and arrived at our house a little after 1pm. We had to leave our house by 4pm in order to make it in time. The day went quickly! The venue was beautiful! Located in Apopka, FL it is called Club Lake Plantation. It’s working farm as well as a gorgeous wedding venue.

Off to the wedding with my forever wedding date!
Nolan, Evan (former college roommate), Collin
Our family along with Nolan’s college roommate, Evan.
Brother of the Bride and Father of the Bride

The wedding ceremony was outside beneath enormous, old oak trees. They asked we “unplug” once the ceremony officially started so I was unable to get photos as the wedding party entered but it was beautiful! Get ready for photo overload! I loved the charming touches like chandeliers as well as the personal touches my best friend made for the day.

Weddings during a pandemic require lots of instructions!
The perfect place to collect gifts!
Guests were offered masks and wristbands indicating their level of comfort with distancing
Collin, my husband, me, my brother, my mom, my sister, my brother in law (p.s. my mother tells us all the time to wear black and stand sideways so we’ll look good in pictures – as the middle child I rebel and wear all the bright colors!! Hahahahaha!!!
A great way to display table assignments!
My mon and Nolan
The dessert table – all were homemade – even the wedding cake!
The new Mr. & Mrs. Brown!
Charming little seating area at the reception
The Groom and Nolan!
Collin and the Bride
I was so proud of my boy – he was the best Man of Honor – ever!
Bride and Mother of the Bride

Saturday morning we headed back to the bride’s parents’ home to celebrate their son’s 21st birthday with a breakfast in his honor. Then we headed home and I made a prime rib for a late lunch early dinner. Our younger son Collin had to head back to Gainesville later in the day so the clock was ticking!

My boys LOVE prime rib
These two are everything to me!

Collin left to head back to school a bit before 4pm. We hosted some family and friends Saturday night so they’d get a chance to visit and catch up with Nolan. I made a charcuterie board and put together a tray of desserts. The night was cool so we sat on the patio and enjoyed a low key evening. It was so nice! They left before 9pm so it was short and sweet – we were honestly all exhausted from the night before. We watched tv with Nolan before heading to bed at 11:30pm.

Sunday morning came way too quickly for my liking. We were off to the airport to drop our boy off before I knew it and I was NOT READY. I cried. Honestly I should have scheduled something fun to do on Sunday to take my mind off of missing him. #lessonlearned

The rest of the day was filled with laundry, walking the dog, and writing this! It was also a rainy day which didn’t help lift my spirits at all. In fact we actually had a hail storm and terrible lightning. The house across the street from us got hit by lightning and the roof caught fire – it was quickly controlled and no one was hurt. It shook our house so badly that two glass votives hanging on my bedroom wall crashed to the ground and broke. Our internet was out practically all day as well. Due to the bad weather, Nolan’s flight was delayed 3.5 hours. It had been on schedule, in fact they boarded the plane and then had to deplane.

How was your weekend? Any highlights?

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