Busy Weekend Wrap Up

Hello Monday, you old friend. Nice to see you again, I suppose. Now I’d never be intentionally rude but I wish you weren’t back quite so soon. Or better yet maybe you’d like to join team weekend and become a threesome? Think it over and let me know.

My favorite song about Mondays, right here courtesy of Jimmy Buffett.

In the meantime, here’s a little wrap up of the weekend that was. While we didn’t have lots on our plates we managed to fill it with fun and we enjoyed ourselves!

Friday 1/29/21

I went to bootcamp at 5:30 am and then worked. I managed to finish my continuing ed courses for my mental health license too which is a good feeling! We had leftovers for dinner and played Phase10 and then Farkle. Just the two of us. Kind of a shame because I beat my husband in both games (that NEVER happens) and there was no one to witness it! Ha!

Saturday 1/30/21

We stopped over at my mom’s house so my husband could help her with a problematic door. The woman is always on the go and she rushed us out of the house because she had shopping plans with my sister. I have honestly never known anyone with as much energy as my 75 year old mother! She exhausts me!

Our next stop was the Winter Park Farmer’s Market. We had our little Sophie with us and it was the perfect day to be outdoors. Although we purchased nothing we did eat at out favorite restaurant on Park Avenue, Boshphorous. We sat outside and Sophie enjoyed some water while we enjoyed delicious food and I had a mimosa.

The rest of the afternoon was spent doing projects around the house (my husband) while I worked on replying to blog comments and then organized my nail polishes. I also pained my nails! A new show on Prime caught my eye – Flack – pretty good!

Saturday night we went out to dinner with our friends, Melodie and Steve. Not a single photo was taken but we ate outside at a local fish restaurant, Boston’s Fish House if you’re local. Then it was back to their house to play Farkle. Yes, twice in one weekend. It’s just simple and fun. Turned out to be a late night (for us anyway) we didn’t get home until after 10! Ha!!!!

Sunday, 1/31/21

I woke up around 7:45 and enjoyed coffee and quiet time. I had hoped to go to in person church this weekend but my husband had some work to do so online church it was! Our church has made the Saturday night service an outdoor event and I am hoping to go to that one of these weekends. When we drove by Saturday night it looked beautiful with all the twinkle lights!

My afternoon plans included a Goodwill run. Looking for frames for a project Melodie is putting together for her daughter’s wedding. I also ran a few errands to get some things for the shower.

I came home and soaked in the tub, while listening to a podcast (Sword and Scale), painted my toenails, and applied self tanner. Then I mapped out my week and worked on blog posts, grocery list, etc. All the Sunday things!

So, how was your weekend? My hope for you is that it was just what you needed to recharge and re-energize! Be sure to stop back tomorrow, it’s time to for my monthly Amazon Prime post!

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