Friday Favorites #30 – Staying Healthy

Happy Friday sweet friends! I hope the title of this post wasn’t off-putting, I’m sure you have seen a million articles about health. Today I am sharing my favorite 5 ways to stay healthy and not a single one involves going to the gym!

Typically I gain a few pounds in the Summer and then lose them once school starts (all that dang lunch duty). This year since my situation has changed I realized I needed to make a few changes. I refuse to be a victim of 50 I plan on embracing this new decade as well as all the others!

Favorite #1 – One of the best ways to stay healthy is to drink water. I drink a gallon a day and I can tell such a difference when I don’t! I know many of you have a hard time getting that much water in so I thought I’d share a few tips. When I worked outside the home I always brought water bottles or a gallon jug of water with me and kept it cold. I have a tumbler, not a Yeti mine is SIC (Seriously Ice Cold) and I drink from it with a straw. Now that I work from home I still use my gallon jug to be sure I get the whole gallon in. I say drink your water cold and keep refilling your tumbler, it becomes a habit and one that will serve you well! Here’s my jug and my tumbler!

Favorite #2 – Eating healthy and delicious meals! I am always on the look out for something new to make for dinner and when my friend Lisa shared her Fish Taco Salad I knew I had to try it. Not only is this meal BEAUTIFUL but it is so full of flavor and it is filled with great nutrition. Check it out!

Favorite #3 – For my 50th birthday in June I asked for a lounge chair. My husband and I hunted all over the internet and then in stores. I found a winner at Target (of course) and I have been loving it! I find it so relaxing after I swim. This summer I have been trying to swim 30-40 laps in our pool at least 3 days a week. It’s been so good for me in so many ways and sitting in my lounge chair afterwards has been marvelous! Sometimes I bring my laptop outside and work from it while other times I read or just listen to music (thank you Alexa). Relaxation is essential for staying healthy!

Favorite #4 – Emotional well-being is so important! In my opinion it is essential to forgive. I came across this on Tuesday and thought it was perfect! No one is perfect and if you are struggling in a relationship talk it out. I always taught my students the importance of a proper apology. As a Licensed Mental Health Counselor (and a school counselor too) I feel qualified to tell you that holding on to anger, bitterness, or resentment can lead to lots of other problems. This quote on my desk calendar is definitely a favorite for me!

Favorite #5 – Dress yourself well! Okay so I don’t know about you but when I don’t take the time to get dressed, fix my hair, and throw on a little make up I feel less like myself, or at least less like my best self. Now that I work from home there are days I don’t leave the house (except for the gym super early in the morning) so it’s easy to avoid the whole getting ready routine. But I have found that it is essential for me. I do enjoy a day or two of make up free living and wearing clothes that lend themselves well to my self tanning routine but I can’t do that everyday. I intend to share what I’m wearing each day on Fridays with you. So my favorite thing to do for myself is to take the time to get ready and be my best self! Here are a couple of outfits from the week: A black maxi dress, lightweight button up shirt over top, a hat to cover my hair since I didn’t feel like fixing it, and my Kendra Scott Rayne necklace. I had planned on staying home all day but ended up having to take my sweet dog to the vet. I wore this to get a pedicure with my friend Windy and then out to happy hour later that night with former work friends!

Before I sign off I want to tell you that I saw two movies this week, both were awesome! We saw Equalizer 2 and I saw Mama Mia Here We Go Again with my sister. Denzel Washington is one of my favorites and he can do no wrong in my book, the movie was so good! Mama Mia was incredible too and all those ABBA songs – oh, sooooooo good! If you are looking for something to do this weekend, go check out a movie!

Thanks so much friends for stopping by!

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