The Good and the Bad

Happy Friday, friends. I have struggled writing this post mostly because I couldn’t come up with a title. Friday favorites didn’t seem quite right. Finally settling on the good and the bad since that’s what I wanted to share, so here we are! This week has been one filled with all kind of emotions some extremely good and others that have just been plain hard.

The Good and the Bad

I always say we have to take the good with the bad since that’s how life works. Sometimes it feels like I’m walking around on the best day of my life with a pebble in my shoe – can you relate? Those times when good things are happening but you are also acutely aware of something sad and painful at the same time.

All the Good

I’ll start with sharing all the good things because there are plenty! I feel incredibly blessed to have had some great time with family lately. Celebrating my nephew’s graduation and having my boys home for a few days were the highlights.

Our younger son left Tuesday for a month long study abroad in Asia. What a trip! I can hardly wait to hear all about it and while I hope he enjoys himself I also REALLY HOPE he doesn’t like it so much he wants to move there! Ha!! I am not kidding. Gheesh, I cannot imagine having my son living on the other side of the world.

I am also looking forward to celebrating Mother’s Day this weekend at brunch with my mom and my husband. Sometimes it’s nice to have a smaller, more intimate celebration so we can talk and catch up. We are going to a play with our best friends on Saturday night and I am looking forward to that too! Tonight we are having dinner with special friends as well so the whole weekend is filled with lots of good things. I like a weekend with fun plans, who doesn’t, right?

On the Flip Side

On the flip side of all the good things, there are a few ‘bad’ things I wish had not occurred. Last Friday night I found out that one of my friends from church lost her 60 year old husband due to cardiac arrest. It happened in his sleep. Y’all, this through me for a loop. I literally could not stop thinking of this sweet family and the heartbreak and devastation.

So, amongst all the good things happening in my life I could not help but think of this family. On Saturday morning I’ll be at church to help set up for the memorial service.

This week I was informed that one of the teachers I work with lost her daughter unexpectedly. A young, vibrant, and beautiful young woman gone way too soon. Leaving behind parents and a sister who are beyond heartbroken.

Lurking in the back of my mind as well is a health concern with my husband. He is having surgery for prostate cancer in early June. Our faith is strong and we believe he will be just fine. But still. Amidst all the good, some bad things happen too. For everyone.

But Let’s End on a Positive Note

I’m always working hard to restore balance in my life and focus on the good. In the past I would indulge in a little retail therapy but I know now that it’s not the answer. I did stop in Loft on Wednesday for an upcoming Instagram project and saw so many cute things!!! In honor of Mother’s Day you can take 40% off your purchase!

I LOVE this outfit! I need a trip to Maine asap! The sweater is lightweight and the shorts are comfortable. I didn’t buy it – yet – because I’m afraid no matter how light it is I most likely will not be wearing a sweater in FL. BTW, it is 93 degrees at the moment.

This dress almost came home with me! I’m glad it didn’t because it was 30% off on Wednesday and now it is 40% off!

These dresses were pretty too! I like that the tie at the waist can be removed. I’d either add my raffia stretch belt or leave it off completely. The one on the left has a cute mermaid print and the blue floral is just pure beauty!

Finally, remember my post about the linen dress I love?? Well, buy that one! I tried this one on in Loft and while it was just fine, I think the other one is better. I had to try it in an XS because that was all they had. It has pockets and lots of slits to show some leg but overall it just felt like a lot of fabric.

I got word yesterday afternoon that Avara has a BIG SALE starting today and ending Monday. Their sale collection is an EXTRA 50% off – wow!!! Take a look at this dress that was $88 and is now $25! Shop the sale here – no code needed and the extra 50% off will appear in your cart.

Another good sale in honor of Mother’s Day – Aerosoles! Right now you can take 30% off a purchase of wedges. Shop it all here!

Finally, this made my day! My friend Leslie tagged me in her Instagram post. She bought the lilac blazer I recommended – isn’t it lovely on her? I am telling you, this blazer y’all! SO. GOOD.

That’s a wrap for today. I wish you the very best weekend and I appreciate this space so much. Being able to share, honestly, is so truly important. I value authenticity and hope you do too!

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