Warming Up the Cold Shoulder with a Kimono

Over the years I’ve worn a kimono several different ways but today is the first time I’ve paired this particular kimono with my cold shoulder dress.  It all started when I was looking for something to wear to meet my friend for tacos last Tuesday.  It’s been in the 90’s here but the a/c inside restaurants is freezing! Enter the perfect piece – the kimono.  Lighter than my denim jacket and way cooler than a cardigan the kimono was the best choice!My dress (similar,plus size option) was a purchase last year from Loft and I still really enjoy wearing it. I love the color and the fact that it keeps me cool – in fact I prefer a dress over shorts when it’s hot. Why it never occurred to me to pair these two pieces in the past is beyond me as this kimono is old as well. The colors worked so well together they look as though they were made for one another. It was easy to grab these comfy wedges. They are the easiest shoes to slip on – no buckles, no velcro just easy peasy comfort!When I wear a kimono I always feel like my style is a little more Bohemian and I reach for accessories that give off that same vibe. Of course you could wear whatever you are comfortable with – even pearls! But on this day I chose my tassel necklace, it’s sold out but this one would work too and it’s on sale!It’s easy to give life to old pieces by simply changing up accessories or adding a completer piece like a kimono. Functional and fashionable the kimono is such a versatile piece and this time of year I am reaching for one almost on the daily. I received so many compliments when I wore this and I’m always surprised at how many people say “you are all dressed up” when in reality I am as comfortable (if not more) than when I have on shorts and a tee. How about you? Do you feel more dressed up when wearing a dress? Honestly my goal is to be comfortable and put together and this outfit achieves both of those goals nicely!

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I hope you’ll consider grabbing a kimono to layer over a dress next time you’re looking for just the right thing to layer over your shoulders. Not only will it keep you warm but the kimono adds a little extra pizzazz, don’t you agree?
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