Walmart Knit Skirt

Be prepared to fall in love today with this Walmart knit skirt. No matter your body type, I believe a knit skirt like this can work! See below for tips on how to wear this type of skirt regardless of your body type or what you thought about your ability to wear one.

I remember wearing this type of skirt back in high school in the 1980’s. My body has changed significantly since then so I honestly thought my days of wearing this style were long gone. However, when I spotted this skirt I decided to take a chance, why not, right?

Knit sets are trending this season so you are probably noticing them as you shop. This skirt has a matching sweater. I did purchase it and returned it – tried it on once and didn’t snap a photo. It was a little tight in the neck and felt scratchy – I believe that is due to the metallic thread. Of course that was just my experience and you may not be sensitive to it. BTW, I am wearing the skirt in a size small and it is under $30!

Look #1 Dressed Up

The knit skirt is very versatile but the first time I wore it, I dressed it up! I was meeting my super chic influencer friend Jona for brunch. She immediately commented on my skirt and could hardly believe where it came from! It pairs well with this sheer, dressy blouse and I added my Gucci belt even though the skirt has no belt loops.

Knit skirt + sheer black blouse + cap toe sling backs + Michael Kors satchel purse
#fallfashion #knitskirt

Look #2 Graphic Tee & Denim Jacket

Knit skirts can work in place of jeans or leggings for a casual but warm look. I love the juxtaposition of a graphic tee, worn denim jacket and a chic knit skirt. A blingy necklace completes the vibe!

Denim Jacket + Knit Skirt + Graphic Tee + Booties
#walmart #falloutfitideas

Notice the booties? Yes, they are black and yes, they make my legs look shorter. I’m okay with that – not every outfit needs to elongate my legs ya know?

Look #3 Jacket & Heels

The gold color and metallic thread in this skirt make it an easy choice for holiday wear. Adding a red jacket and pumps further seals the deal! Of course this could be worn to work but how elegant will you be at any holiday function?

I recently purchased this red jacket from Mango – my friend Jess shops there and always finds such chic pieces. I have been hunting for a red jacket and really like this one. It is the perfect shade of red!

Red Blazer + Knit Skirt + Red Pumps
#Falloutfitideas #walmart

Look #4 Silk Blouse

A silk blouse and knit skirt just scream interest and texture and that’s what give your outfit interest. I am crazy in love with this blouse, it happens to be the second one I’ve purchased from Quince. I am wearing it in a size medium. It feels fabulous and the price is remarkable for pure silk.

Silk Blouse+ Knit Skirt + Leopard Pumps
#Walmart #Falloutfitideas

Look #6 Short Sleeve Knit Sweater

I adore this sweater – also from Walmart. It’s the perfect weight of fabric – not too heavy and not too light. I love the raglan sleeve too. It kind of has a mod vibe that I really like paired with the skirt.

Black Short Sleeve Turtleneck + Knit Skirt + Cap Toe Sling Backs
#falloutfit #walmart

Make this Work

Knit fabric is clingy, tight, very body hugging and can cause most of us mid lifers to run the other direction. But don’t let that deter you if this is something you’d like to wear. I have a tummy and although my rear is not big, I still have plenty of sag. Also? I am vehemently opposed to any type of constricting shapewear. It’s simply too hot. But wearing a good pair of underwear that cover your whole bottom can make a world of difference in skirt like this. The length of your top can too as well as adding a belt. So whether you are concerned about your tummy, your bottom, or your thighs, this type of skirt CAN work- it’s all in the styling! The other important factor? Accepting and loving yourself, flaws and all!

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