Trend Alert: Lug Soles

One of the trends you’ll notice this year is the lug sole. Sounds kind of funny but I’m here to tell you, they are everywhere making them nothing to laugh about. Retailers have taken notice too and you can enjoy the trend regardless of your budget. In fact, I’ve rounded up options at every price point below.

What is a lug sole?

A lug sole is made of rubber and includes deep indentations or grooves to provide added grip. Why is it important? In addition to the slip-resistant properties of a rubber outsole, a lug sole improves a boot’s traction and stability and is an important feature to many hiking boots. (source)

The good news is that shoes with a lug sole are incredibly comfortable and stable – no wobbling or sliding around. The other good news is that we’re seeing the lug sole in more than just boots but in loafers as well.

How to Wear It

In my opinion, an item becomes a “trend” when we see it showing up in unexpected ways. So while you’d think the lug sole is for hiking alone, now that it’s a trend we’re seeing it with everything. As someone with larger feet, I was a bit hesitant to try a lug sole but I am all in now and loving my boots.

Look #1 – Denim

Probably no big surprise here. but your lug sole boots look great with denim. Particularly if you live in a snowy, wet area, these would be a nice option. Even though there’s no snow here, I still love the look! A little more stylish than a standard bootie and so comfortable.

Look #2 – Pants

Let’s get out of the habit of thinking denim all the time! These lug sole boots look great with pants too. They definitely lend a more casual feel but I quite like the pairing. You might feel more comfortable wearing the loafer style lug sole shoe with pants for a professional look. I feel like I had similar shoes growing up!

This time I shopped my closet for an old pair of dress pants ( I cuffed them), a OTS sweater from last year, and an old hat. I love the way it came together!

Look #3 – Dress

This was a little unexpected for me. I have seen much younger women pair their lug sole boots with skirts and dresses but I wasn’t sure how I’d feel doing so. Turns out I like it very much! Again, it’s just the idea of doing something a little differently and being okay with that. Truth be told it took me a long time to warm up to the idea of wearing a dress with booties and now I barely give it a second thought.

The Take Away

I hope you view me as someone who embraces her age as well as life. My goal is never to look 10 years younger, I strive to be the best version of myself at 53 and every year beyond that. What I want to do is to age gracefully, beautifully and with strength. I believe a big part of that includes taking care of myself and staying up to date with fashion and lifestyle. I often think how interesting it is that many people wouldn’t dare update their hair, make up, or clothing style but they enjoy the newest technology. Why allow change in only one area of your life? In any case, I believe finding trendy and stylish pieces to update your wardrobe helps us embrace our age and live our best lives.

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