Friday Favorites, Hello 2022!

It feels so weird to write 2022 but I’m going to get used to it (around June – ha!). Happy to be wrapping up the 1st work week of the year and looking forward to the weekend ahead, how about you? Welcome to Friday Favorites, and as per usual, I am all over the place.

Favorite New Sneaker

I have been wearing and loving my fashion sneakers from Amazon for almost 2 years now. I decided it was time for an upgrade – mostly due to the fact that my feet need something with a little more comfort and cushion. I drooled over the Golden Goose sneakers and almost purchased a pair. Then I remembered the P448 sneakers I tried at Evereve. Thanks to a great sale, I ordered these and love them. Super comfortable and so stylish. I am going on record right now saying that I am not buying another pair of sneakers this year (unless I need a new pair for the gym). Between my New Balance and now this pair of P448 I am covered! The lesson learned for me is that quality over quantity is where it’s at and that spending a little more is worth it (most of the time!).

Have you jumped on the sneaker trend? Take a look below at the three options: Amazon is a major save option, P448 is a save version, and Golden Goose is the splurge option. I’ll also say that everyone who owns Golden Goose loves them and has no regret in their purchasing decision.

Favorite Shows Lately

I busied myself over the holiday break with shows galore! My two favorites were The Affair (Amazon) and Your Honor. I started watching The Affair awhile ago and finished the first two seasons. What a thrill to find there were 3 more seasons! Such a good show – I highly recommend. My husband and I watched Your Honor and loved it too. It was heartbreaking and nerve racking but Brian Cranston did not disappoint. Have you seen either of these? Any good shows you recommend?

Favorite Joggers

It’s not typical for me to share a favorite I’ve had for a year but these joggers are absolutely a favorite! They fit well, wear well, and hold their shape – no bagging out. I’d say they rival Lululemon but I’ve never owned their version although I have touched the fabric in store and it felt very much like the fabric on these. Also? These come in 15 colorways!

Joggers ||Sweater || Sneakers

Favorite Feeling

This may sound weird but my favorite feeling this week has been one of letting go and lightening my load! I began by cleaning out my closet and getting rid of three bangs of clothes, shoes, and accessories. I am learning so much about the mistakes I have made and I am definitely using those lessons to inform future decisions. You’ll soon see a blogpost on the process and what I am letting go of; it feels wonderful!

Favorite Bracelets

You know how much I love my acrylic tube bracelets, well I have 2 new ones! I bought the blue resin & chinoiserie stretch bracelet along with the pearl & beaded one. They work so well with my clear bracelet. I am in love with all of their jewelry!

Favorite New Purchase

Yesterday I shared a few ways to style my new charcoal jeans. They are most definitely a favorite around here. Such a great purchase and so was the pink silk blouse. Both are still on major sale at JCrew use the code: BIGSALE to get an extra 50% off all clearance items.

Styling charcoal denim 3 ways

That wraps it up for this week’s favorites friends, anything catch your attention? I am wishing you all a wonderful weekend and hoping it is both restful and soul nourishing. I have no plans and I am looking forward to relaxing and getting my house cleaned up from top to bottom.

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