Striped Shirt 5 Ways

Since I am committed to making more thoughtful purchases this year, when I buy something I want to be sure I can style it multiple ways. So today I am sharing my new striped shirt 5 ways. This pretty shirt went on sale at Loft on Friday – 50% off in fact. I had rewards coupons too so it was a major score. However, no matter the price, it’s a waste of money if it sits in the closet, rarely worn.

While I am showcasing my striped shirt, you could easily re-create the looks below with what you have in your closet. Maybe it’s a short sleeve striped shirt, maybe it’s a plaid one, maybe it’s a print – the idea is to give you ideas! Trust me on this, I could make so many more outfits with this shirt – these are just the first 5 but there are many more.

Striped Shirt + Distressed Denim Shorts

Quintessential summer look achieved by pairing the striped shirt with distressed denim shorts. I tied the shirt at the waist but it could also be tucked in.

Loft Striped Shirt + Denim Shorts

Striped Shirt + White Denim

Pairing the striped shirt with white denim is easy peasy, right? I added a belt but a half tuck would work as well.

Loft Striped Shirt + White Denim

Striped Shirt + White Shorts

If it’s too hot for denim, wear shorts! These white pull on shorts are from Kohl’s. They are thick enough to hold everything in and have some stretch. I own them in black too – I am wearing them in a size 6 for reference.

Loft Striped Shirt + White Pull On Shorts

Striped Shirt + Blue Satin Shorts

I wore this outfit yesterday to breakfast and then the movies. It kept me cool and comfortable and I loved the look. The striped shirt has a think nay blue stripe that works so well with these satin, pull on shorts. The half tuck is so flattering – especially if you have a tummy like I do. It breaks up that area without creating too much bulk (like a full tuck would).

Loft Striped Shirt + Blue Pull On Shorts

Striped Shirt + Wide Leg Linen Pants

As soon as we got home from the movies I changed into these wide leg linen pants. It had rained and cooled things off – coupled with the a/c I was chilly. This was an outfit I knew I wanted to create, these pants have been worn weekly. The style of this shirt just seemed to perfectly dress up the pants. Kind of casual chic in my book.

Loft Striped Shirt + Linen Pull On Pants

I hope these outfit ideas get you thinking of what you can do with what you have on hand. Or, what holes you might have in your closet. I am on a mission to build a closet of clothes I love that can be worn in multiple ways so that I never look in it again and think, “I have nothing to wear!”

Thanks so much for stopping by today, I appreciate you so very much. I’ll see you back here on Thursday with Fashion Files!

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