How to Style a Dress for Thanksgiving

What to wear for Thanksgiving may be on your mind right about now as close in on this most festive holiday. Today I want to show you how to style a dress for Thanksgiving. Of course we’ll take into account things like weather and the dress code for your occasion but I promise there’s something for everyone here!

Personally I love Thanksgiving – it’s all about gratitude, family, and of course food – no pressure for gifts and since it’s always on a Thursday it kicks off a long weekend. Let’s tackle what to wear since this may, for many, be the first holiday with friends and family since Covid turned the world upside down.

Dressing for the Weather

The number one factor to consider is the weather. Most years it is still very warm and humid here in Central Florida. There have been a few years it was cooler and that was a welcome relief! We tend to have a large crowd and enjoy dining outside. Dresses seem to be my number once choice. While it may not sound like it, a dress can be versatile!

The Dress

This year I’ll be wearing this elastic waist dress from Blush & Cover. This dress came from the same boutique as this dress! A dress like this is so easy and comfortable to wear. I requires NO shapewear, a regular bra can be worn, and it can be layered up to accommodate different temperatures. P.S. Blush & Cover offers free shipping and this dress is just $31. I am wearing a small, it comes in S, M, and L.

If you aren’t a fan of a shorter dress like this, consider a longer version. I’ve linked some similar items for you. Also? I BELIEVE wholeheartedly that EVERY BODY can wear a dress like the one I am wearing! However, if you are more comfortable in a longer version, no worries. I’ve got options for you! So let’s style a dress for Thanksgiving!

Elastic Waist Short Dress
#falloutfitideas #falldress

Dressing for the Occasion

Where are you spending Thanksgiving? What’s the setting? If it’s a casual food fest and you’ll be watching football all day then you’ll be wearing something far different from someone who is dining at a posh restaurant, or even the home of a family member where the dress is a little more, well dressy. My goal is to always feel good in the clothing I choose – pictures will be taken and I want to be in them. Listen, that’s not because I love getting photographed – I don’t – but when you lose family members like I have you come to realize how important pictures are in preserving memories. So girl, look your best! #truth

Look #1 Casual Thanksgiving

Hear me out: this is my version of a casual Thanksgiving! I know there are many families who dress much more casually than this but that is not what my family does. Since it’s fall, I prefer boots with the dress. Whether it’s a lug sole boot or a taller, slouchy boot you can’t go wrong if you’re looking for a cute and comfortable casual outfit.

Elastic Waist Short Dress + Slouchy boots
#falloutfitideas #falldress

Look #2 Cooler Day Thanksgiving

If the weather turns cooler than I expect, I’ll throw on a cute, cropped cardigan. Why this style cardigan? It’s cropped which gives me more of a shape and it’s current. I like this better than a traditional cardigan because it has style, ya know? It looks intentional. We’ve all seen (and been) that girl that was cold and had to throw on a coat or jacket over a pretty dress or outfit. Nothing wrong with that but why not intentionally choose a layer to keep you warm?

Elastic Waist Short Dress + Slouchy boots + cropped cardigan + hat
#falloutfitideas #falldress
Elastic Waist Short Dress + Slouchy boots + cropped cardigan + hat
#falloutfitideas #falldress

Look #3 Dressier Thanksgiving

Maybe your plans include something a little more formal. Are you headed to a restaurant? Going to someone’s home who really sets a fancy table and everyone dresses to the nines? Then add a chic blazer and cap toe sling backs – you’ll be ready for anything!

Elastic waist short dress + Double Breasted Black Blazer + Cap Toe Slingbacks
#falloutfit #falloutfitideas #falldress
Elastic waist short dress + Double Breasted Black Blazer + Cap Toe Slingbacks
#falloutfit #falloutfitideas #falldress

I hope you this post got you thinking about what you’ll wear for Thanksgiving – or heck any event. Taking a basic dress and adding accessories you can easily change up your look. I’m including my favorite accessories for this fall – I’ve been wearing them constantly. I’ve also been wearing a nude lip – who am I? Ha!!! I am a woman who enjoys changing things up from time to time and having fun with fashion – who would you say you are?

Thank you for reading!

Your comments and interactions with me mean the world to me. I read each and every one! I will either reply OR click over to your blog and comment there. Thanks for visiting and have a wonderful day!


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