Smart Ways to Style Your Outfit with Jewelry

Are you even fully dressed without the right jewelry? I’d say no, so you had better check out my recommendations below. 

Pep up a basic t-shirt 

One of the best ways to transform a basic t-shirt is to add some jewelry. Right now long strings of beads in singles or multiples are a great way of doing this, especially if they have that 90s doing the 70’s flower power vibe. 

Alternatively, why not add interest with a statement brooch. Yes, this means something big and possibly flashy. Although, you can get some very whimsical laser-cut acrylic pieces now that will make a plain white or black t-shirt pop! 

Add some bling to an LBD 

A little black dress is always one of the most classy things you can wear, whether you are off to a swanky restaurant, or heading for alfresco drinks. However, to make sure you look on point, don’t forget to add a simple piece like the bella bracelet studded with light diamantes. Such a piece can elevate your look, and help you create a true sense of timeless style, all without breaking the bank. 

Always rock a chic work look

While workwear jewelry can’t be too outlandish, it does provide us with a wonderful opportunity to add some individuality and uniqueness to our everyday wear. In particular, diamond or diamonte solitaire earrings paired with a smart suit can work well, even in the most formal of office environments. 

However, if you are lucky enough to be able to wear smart casual clothes, consider accessorizing with some chunky beads, and even a cocktail ring or two to add some personality. 

Inject a little personality into your sweaters 

Sweaters are a staple of most people’s wardrobes, and they can be practical and stylish too. Of course, you can always add some additional interest by choosing the right jewelry to wear with them. In particular, oversized statement earrings can make your sweater choice sing! Not to mention that they look great on facetime and in zoom meetings as well. 

Opt for metal tones like silver, gold, and bronze where you can, and remember to get some safety backs if they are very heavy as you don’t want to stretch out your ears! 

Add interest to your midi dress 

You probably already know that midi dresses are big this summer. Indeed, they are such a great length that you can rock them without tights or leggings but don’t need to worry if a gust of wind comes your way. 

However, to truly get the most out of any mini dress you need to add some extra interest with jewelry. One way to do this is to choose a statement piece made from bold colors and shapes. Such pieces can work particularly well if you dress in a single shade. 

For dresses with patterns and prints, layering three or more delicate necklaces is the best approach. Opt for very thin gold items, and where possible add gold charms to create a fun boho look. 


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