Tips to Look Chic At Any Age

Today I bring you tips to look chic at any age based on research I’ve been doing. I have often wondered why some women just always seem to be so put together and dressed perfectly for any occasion. What is it about how they dress and put themselves together that leaves the rest of us in awe? What grabs my attention is that these women don’t look like they’re trying too hard, they appear comfortable in their skin and their clothes. I’ve compiled a list of tips to help both you and me up our style game so we can look chic, elegant, and sophisticated!

Let me share this disclaimer: these are tips not rules. I will always believe that women should wear what they like, no matter what and that confidence is key. But I’ve been feeling a gentle pull to change up my own style game lately and I’ve been paying attention to how I feel in certain clothes. That’s what led me to my “research”.

Blazer + Turtleneck + Midi Skirt  + Sock Booties
Blazer || Turtleneck || Similar Skirt || Similar Sock Booties || Earrings

Tip #1 Buy the Best Your Budget Allows

Spending a lot of money does not make one chic; buying the best your money will allow is key. A chic woman’s wardrobe contains quality staples. These items are made of good fabric and are built to last. These staples include things like a great white button up shirt, classic blazers, trousers, and classic denim. These are the items that you’ll build your wardrobe on; not that you can’t enjoy trendy pieces here and there and certainly pay less for those but make your wardrobe staples those pieces you invest in.

There are 3 items I have recently discovered that really fit the bill for me when it comes to buying closet staples and not breaking the bank. My no iron white shirt from Chico’s, my blazers from Walmart, and my raglan sleeve turtleneck also from Walmart. I realize it may sound a bit crazy that I am recommending Walmart clothing but these pieces are so impressive!

Blazer + Turtleneck + Midi Skirt  + Sock Booties
Blazer || Turtleneck || Similar Skirt || Earrings

My outfit was inspired by the ever chic and fashionable Beth from Style at a Certain Age.

Tip #2 Size Matters

Wear clothing that fits properly! No sense buying great clothes if they don’t fit correctly. Go through your closet and rid it of anything that is too large or too small. While you’re at it, get rid of anything you haven’t worn for a year – there’s a reason you haven’t worn it. Pass it on and let someone else enjoy it!

Worry less about the number on the tag inside the clothing and instead focus on how you feel in the piece. Are you comfortable? Does it pull or stretch anywhere? Oftentimes, we look smaller when we wear clothes that fit – even if that means going up a size – rather than wearing somethings that’s too tight.

Tip #3 Find a Tailor You Trust

It’s hard to look chic when your clothes have rips, tears, or the fit is just “off”. If it’s something that can be repaired, and the item is worth it, go for it. If it’s fast fashion – let it go. It’s likely not worth the cost of the alteration. A good tailor can hem your pants or jeans correctly among other things.

I’m looking at my clothes with new eyes. A nip or tuck here or there may help me really enjoy pieces I already own. Have you ever done this?

Tip #4 Neutrals for the Win

Wearing neutrals is something I see many chicly dressed women do – and with such panache! This doesn’t mean you’ll never wear bright colors nor does it mean dressing boring or drab. A pop of a bright color or an eye catching pattern here and there certainly adds interest.

I love this outfit below. She’s wearing all neutrals and looks fabulously chic!

Tip #5 Monochromatic Will Never Fail You

Ever noticed how you feel when you dress monochromatically? Head to toe in one color? There’s something about it that oozes chic! Head to toe black, cream, navy, white, etc. – no matter which color you choose you have the ingredients for a chic look.

The look below is so easy and chic, isn’t it? She’s wearing the same tones but this is all about mixing textures and print.

I think this tip can serve those of us well who seem to stand in front of the closet full of clothes and have nothing to wear! Simple formulas can work well in getting us out the door and put together.

Am I Chic?

My best answer is at times I can be. My goal is to dress better and become more chic! I want to wear my clothes and not have them wear me. My style personality is changing and I’m finding that things I was once comfortable in, no longer suit me. It may be a little thing called maturity but I can’t be certain. In any case, I hope to continue on this path- I want to look expensive and chic but not break the bank. How about you?

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