Pool & Beach Essentials

The unofficial start of Summer has arrived and with it, plans for vacations and day trips are being scheduled. Making this the perfect time to do a quick check, do you have all the pool & beach essentials you’ll need to enjoy yourself? I’ve come across a few key ingredients to assure you that even the smallest detail has not been overlooked.

Pool & Beach Essentials

How did I even come up with this list? Well, it started with me thinking of all the little annoyances that prevent me from really enjoying myself! Living less than an hour from the beach and having a pool in my backyard, what are the things that I feel I need to make theses experiences the most enjoyable? According to Plato, “our need will be the real creator” and I believe that you’ll find this to be true when you see my list!

Let me add that while I broke these items into categories, I think many are must haves for both settings. Especially a waterproof phone pouch and playing cards. I get bored easily simply lying by the pool or on the beach and I love a good card game! An anti chafe balm comes in handy too whether you’re at the beach or pool – wet swimsuits can rub and cause pesky rashes.

Pool Essentials

Any good pool day begins with a good swimsuit and cover up. Check out this reel on Instagram I made. Cute and affordable suits that are well made and modest equals perfection in my book. My favorite cover up is this one – I love the fabric and the button down design.

A cute, packable hat and sunglasses packed in your adorable pool tote are a must have. Sunscreen that is waterproof and easy to re-apply needs to be on your essentials list. I like this stick sunscreen better than a spray. The spray tends to blow away and I can never be sure I am getting all the spots that need to be gotten! There’s also a roll on option that I think sounds interesting too.

Also on my list? A great pool float so you can enjoy lounging and relaxing!

Beach Day Essentials

Oh, the beach. The sun, the waves, the sky, the sand. Ugh. The sand. It is everywhere, it gets on everything. It’s the part of the beach I want to leave behind but manages to come home with me. Every. Single. Time. Until now!

First and foremost on my list of essentials – this Sandscreen sand removal bag. It’s talc free and reef friendly but wipes away the sand. I know what you’re thinking, just rinse it off, right? That gets some of the sand off but you’ll still feel sticky and trust me – you will not rinse it all off. Wouldn’t your beach experience be better if you could simply wipe the sand off and then rinse off? You can use the Sandscreen to wipe down everything before loading it up! This product has almost 394 4.5 star ratings.

Speaking of sand, over the years we’ve tossed out many a canned drink because of sand and bugs! This can opener and cover protector will keep your canned drinks sand and bug free. While you’re at it, use these drink holders. They have spikes to go into the ground and have a built in bottle opener.

A sandproof beach blanket on which to lounge and enjoy that’s also waterproof is an essential. Along with a clips to hold down towels you drape on lounge chairs – at the pool or beach.

The older I get, the more important sun protection is to me. As a kid I fried my skin and have the damage to prove it. But I’ll do anything I can to protect my own children from doing the same. We never go to the beach without a tent of some kind. We have use a combination of easy ups and umbrellas. In the last few years, I’ve noticed many are now being made with sand anchors – so they won’t blow away! Check out this one, it’s large enough to hold everyone!

Cute beach bags are nice for photos but not always functional. This one allows you to see everything (no digging for the bottle of sunscreen!) and won’t trap the sand. I think this would make a great Father’s Day gift too. Because listen, it’s not that your husband or son doesn’t want to help you pack and carry all the things but he might not love your giant tote with colorful pom poms and the words “Beach” across the front slung over his arm, ya know?

Something you may not think about, using the bathroom. You’re hopefully staying hydrated while enjoying the sun but all the water you’re drinking will eventually need to be eliminated. In that case, consider these disposable urinals. They are useful for men and women.

The beach gets windy and more times than I’d like to remember, I’ve had to run after my hat as it has blown off my head. So I really like a hat with a chin strap for the beach. Preferably one with built in sun protection to protect our scalps.

Final Thoughts

I hope you enjoyed this post and found some products that will help you enjoy the pool or beach experience even more! Small comforts make a big impact.

Thanks so much for being here today, I appreciate you more than you know!


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