How to Wear E-Iitchi Human Hair Toppers

Hi friends! While this post may not be for everyone, you probably know someone this will help. Feel free to pass it along. Thinning hair is a topic I have addressed here in the past. Today I am pleased to share two different hair toppers with you. Both toppers are from E-Litchi and I have a coupon code for you. With code KR10 you can save an extra 10% off site wide (and they have hair extensions too!).

How about we start with my hair so you can see what I’m dealing with. I took these photos after washing and drying my hair. I do use a hair thickening treatment.

The Toppers!

Let’s take a look at these two hair toppers. The first is for women who have small areas of thinning or balding and want to blend this hair with their hair. The silk base is 6*9cm and it has 2 clips. The clips are very easy to use and it goes on in minutes! I am wearing it in color #27 dark blonde

The other topper is designed for women with a little more thinning at the crown (like me) and offers more coverage. This one has a silk base, 10*12cm and has 4 clips. I am wearing it in shade #4P27. I love the coverage on this one and it works better for when I am wearing my hair down.

What exactly is a hair topper?

Quite simply put, a hair topper is a solution for men and women with thinning hair at the crown of their head. It literally pops on top of your head and is secured by clips for easy application and removal.

Is it real human hair?

All of the toppers I am sharing are 100% real human hair. I will not wear synthetic hair because it looks synthetic. These toppers are cared for just as you would care for your hair, they can be washed, dried, and styled.

Will people know I am wearing it?

The short answer is no, only if you tell them! However, it is imperative that you buy a quality piece and the color is a good match. These toppers are available with or without bangs and curly or straight.

How do I know which one I need?

That depends on wear your hair is thinning and how much thinning you’ve experienced. It goes without saying that the older I get the more coverage I need. E-Litchi has toppers available in 4 different crown sizes as well as different colors and textures. They can help you determine the one that is right for you!

Are they expensive?

They don’t have to be. The two I am sharing are very well priced but you can find others that are much more expensive. The ones I have purchased in the past cost MUCH more and didn’t have bangs. I am so impressed with these, the price point is so good and the quality is top notch.

Why not just wear a wig?

I have asked myself the same question a few times over the years but it always comes back to this: I have decent hair on the rest of my head and as long as I can find a piece that blends well, why not just use some helper hair? In my opinion this is a lot like wearing hair extensions. Women who want longer hair just add it – they don’t buy a wig so why should I? Also? Wigs are hot and can be scratchy. They are also quite a bit more expensive. While I won’t rule them out in the future, right now I am fine with a topper.

Thoughts on these two toppers…

This smaller one works best on me as an updo. Since I am currently growing my hair out – and have a hodgepodge of color going on and an updo is a great solution. I took both of these photos Thursday afternoon immediately after opening the package. I used my DSLR camera – the photos above were snapped with my Iphone. I point this out in case you see any differences – I did not edit these photos.

But here it is with my hair down as well. The key here is blending the topper with your hair. I am in need of a trim and my bangs are currently longer than the ones on the topper.

I love the longer one, more hair is exactly what I need. Although to be honest I didn’t realize how badly I needed it until I saw the photos. I’ll be taking it to Nelson next time I go so we can make sure my bangs are trimmed and it blends well. But I’ll also use the smaller one, it’s nice to have options.

Both of these toppers are 100% real human hair and they feel so luxurious! They also come in different crown sizes and lots of colors. Shop all of E-litchi products here and use my code KR10 to save 10%.

What are your thoughts? Would you ever wear a topper?


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