Styling Faux Leather Slim Pants

Faux leather is everywhere, have you noticed? Styling faux leather slim pants is on the agenda today so buckle up and get ready because I have lots to share with you!

Faux Leather Slim Pants

The pair I am sharing today is from Loft. I stumbled upon these while searching for a pair that wasn’t black. I had an idea in my head for an outfit hat I couldn’t quit. My search yielded several results but they all seemed a little pricey for me. I certainly don’t mind spending a little more but if it’s a retailer I don’t normally shop choosing a size can be tricky. Pro tip: Read all the product reviews and check on shipping and returns. Take a look at what my search revealed:

The Chosen

On Monday these went on sale for 40% off and when I discovered the color I wanted (Safari Sand), I ordered. Because I am a Loft shopper and familiar with the sizing and ease of returns it was a no brainer. I ordered a size small and they fit perfectly. The best thing about these pants is that the longer you have them on, the softer they seem to become. They come in 4 color ways so there’s a color for everyone. Winner!

Look # 1 Half Tucked White Shirt

It has taken me some time to embrace half tuck trend and not worry about someone saying, “hey, your shirt is untucked partially” and me having to respond, “yeah, it’s intentional.” But guess what? It’s all about confidence – isn’t everything? I really liked how it turned out and totally owned the look when I wore it on Friday (see below).

An oversized white shirt is essential. It will work with everything and looks so chic and modern. I dressed this up with my heels, layered gold necklace, earrings, and bracelets. I feel like I could wear this anywhere!

Oversized white blouse + Faux leather slim pants + Braided sandals
#fallfashion #fauxleather
Pants|| Shirt || Heels || Earrings || Bracelets || Necklace

Look #2 Blazer & Cami

The blazer and cami really kicks this look up a notch. I shared this cami on Friday – it is so silky and luxurious looking that it elevates any look. This blazer was also shared on Friday – I love the color and fit. These additions make this a work appropriate outfit – so yes, you can totally wear faux leather to work!

Camel Blazer + Cami + Faux leather slim pants  + Cap Toe Slingbacks
#workwear #fallfashion #fauxleather
Blazer || Cami || Similar Shoes|| Pants

Look #3 Sweater Vest & Lug Sole Boots

Three trends in one with this fun, casual styling of the slim faux leather pants! The colors in this pretty plaid number work so beautifully with the vest and faux leather slim pants. Comfortable footwear in the form of these lug sole boots completes this outfit. As it starts to cool off I’ll be reaching for this – no need for a jacket just fun and colorful layers.

Sweater Vest + Flannel Blouse + Faux leather slim pants + Lug sole boots
#fallfashion #sweatervest #lugsoleboots
Sweater Vest || Plaid Shirt || Pants || Boots

Look #4 Poncho & Boots

A colorful poncho is a great topper for these faux leather slim pants. The oxblood color is so pretty for fall. I contemplated a higher heeled boot but ultimately decided on the lug sole boots, they are just so comfortable. The poncho could be layered with a collared shirt or even a turtleneck but I used my white half tee.

Poncho + Faux leather slim pants + lug sole boots
#poncho #fauxleather #fallfashion
Similar Poncho || Pants || Boots || Necklace || Bracelets || Earrings

The half tee is barely visible but it provides the needed coverage without adding any warmth. That’s life in FL and other warm weather locales, every little bit of fabric adds some heat that isn’t always necessary. If you are not familiar with Half Tee, click the link and check it out. You can use my coupon code KELLYANN20 for 20% off your order!

Poncho + Faux leather slim pants + lug sole boots
#poncho #fauxleather #fallfashion

Look #5 Neutral Sweater

This seems like a no-brainer but adding a sweater – and tucking it in partially – is a great look. Leaving the sweater out just looks sloppy and shapeless- it adds bulk for sure. But tucking it in – thanks to the elastic waist of these faux leather slim pants – changes all of that. To keep the neutral vibe going strong, I wore my lug sole boots.

Oversized sweater + Faux leather slim pants + lug sole boots
#lugsoleboots #fauxleatherpants #fallfashion

In Real Life

Here’s how I wore look #1 on Friday. I had a try on session scheduled at my local Loft store – did you catch it on Instagram? The only change I made here was adding the cap toe heels and I really like the end result.

Oversized white blouse + Faux leather slim pants + Cap Toe Sling backs
#fallfashion #fauxleather


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