How to Style Charcoal Jeans & Fashion Files Link Up

Hello friends! Today I am sharing 3 ways to style charcoal jeans with you. I never thought I’d find myself saying this, but I actually like charcoal a bit better than black. Who knew? I’m also happy to announce that I’ll be co-hosting Fashion Files with my friend Jill. My goodness, so much excitement and we’re not even past the 1st paragraph!

The Deal with Charcoal Denim

Charcoal denim provides a nice departure from the standard black or dark blue denim most of us own. I’d venture to say as humans we enjoy something new that’s not completely out of our comfort zone – it’s fresh and modern. Charcoal is a change that isn’t too drastic and can be a little less harsh than black. You might remember in the fall I wore this pair of grey denim on repeat (seen here)- they were so versatile!

Mine are a new purchase from JCrew. They are as comfortable as leggings and look great styled so many ways. Mine have been on super sale and sizes are very limited. However, this pair comes in a wide array of sizes and appears to be fully stocked. I’ll share just three outfit ideas today but you can follow me on Instagram for more!

Idea #1 Style Charcoal Denim with a Bright Color

No surprises here that the bright color I chose was pink! Even in winter (some might say especially in winter) bright colors can be fun and refreshing. Paired with charcoal you have a nice color combo that seems cheery and seasonally appropriate.

Hot Pink Silk Blouse + Charcoal Denim + Black Booties
Hot Pink Silk Blouse + Charcoal Denim + Black Booties
Look at me trying out a new pose! Ha!!!

I love this hot pink silk blouse from JCrew. I purchased it at the same time as the charcoal denim. Both were on clearance with an additional discount and I knew they’d both work well in my closet. While I had not initially planned to wear them together, I’m glad I did. The blouse is ultra feminine in both color and design and balances out the masculinity of the denim.

My accessories were minimal (in my opinion – at least). I wore the same earrings, necklace, my go to bracelets, and the same booties in the first two outfits.

Idea #2 Style Charcoal Denim with a Black Cardigan

A long, black cardigan pairs so well with charcoal denim for an easy casual look. I threw on my white bodysuit to slim out my middle and cut down on the bulk that tucking would have added. That’s honestly one of the main reasons I love a good bodysuit.

Black Cardigan + Charcoal Denim + Black Booties
Black Cardigan + Charcoal Denim + Black Booties

Idea #3 Dressed Up Charcoal Denim

This last look was so simple! I replaced the cardigan and booties with a blazer and heels. Voila! When you have a good base (the bodysuit and the denim) you can easily elevate the look. While I wore a black blazer you could easily add any color you have. That’s the nice thing about charcoal – it literally works with everything!

Black Blazer + Charcoal Denim + Black Pumps
Black Blazer + Charcoal Denim + Black Pumps

Next time I travel – hopefully soon – I’ll be packing this base outfit. I can switch out the top layer and shoes to create so many different looks. Are you a fan of charcoal denim?

3 Ways to Style Charcoal Denim

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