New Grey Denim

Today I am sharing my new grey denim with you. While I told myself I was NOT buying grey denim this year, I fell hard for this particular cut and couldn’t resist. I have the same pair in white and they’re a favorite so I knew I’d wear and enjoy this pair.

It’s always easy to start with a basic look first. A great white shirt and black accessories is a no- brainer and nothing earth shattering. While it’s a basic look, the trendy cut of the denim gives the outfit a little edge.

White Shirt + Grey Denim + Gucci Belt
White Shirt + Grey Denim + Gucci Belt

But why stop there? I have been dying to wear my new plaid jacket and this was the perfect opportunity to do so. I am always up for adding a 3rd piece, or a completer piece. I find it does add a little polish to a look!

White Shirt + Grey Denim + Gucci Belt + Plaid Jacket
White Shirt + Grey Denim + Gucci Belt + Plaid Jacket

The jacket is lightweight and easy to layer. I love adding a 3rd piece like a jacket, cardigan, duster, or kimono. Jacket weather is my favorite! I realized that I do need a pair of black, heeled booties. So remember the pair I mentioned on Friday? Come to momma!

I’ve also been loving wearing my layered necklace set with all my outfits lately. The chains can be separated and worn alone or all together so there’s tons of versatility here. I’m also wearing my new acrylic bracelets on one wrist and my mish mosh of stretch bracelets on the other. I love to accessorize!


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