How to Fake That Glow

Living in Florida self tanning is a year round sport. Yep, I said sport because that’s sure how it feels! And thank goodness self tanners have evolved over the years and we have so many options that deliver a beautiful, golden color. I still remember the nightmare days when I would spend so much time applying self tanner only to wake up the next day and find streaks and swipe marks and places I totally missed! I’m sure I’m not alone!

Anyhow, since I wear some form of self tanner year round I am NOT about to drop $45 on a tube or bottle – I don’t care what it promises it’s not gonna happen. Plus I have tried so many yet I keep coming back to what works the very best for me and maybe you too!

I always start with clean, exfoliated skin. This doesn’t have to be a huge process. I shower, shave my legs and then use an exfolliant. I like this one because it smells divine!

After I towel dry I apply body lotion. I really like this one because it dries fairly quickly and I don’t feel sticky afterwards. My skin feels moisturized but not greasy.

Then it’s time to apply my favorite self tanner! Even though most people wear gloves when they apply it I do not. I do it quickly and wash my hands. I don’t use any special technique I just male sure I have covered all the parts! I like this tanner because you can see where it goes so there are no surprises after the color fully develops several hours later.

I will say I really like to self tan on a day I am not going anywhere. I usually wear a strapless maxi dress so that I don’t have any marks from bra straps. I know some women apply their tanner at night but that won’t work for me since I go to the gym early in the morning. Also? I get hot at night and don’t want to sweat off my self tanner.

When I am really on my A game and keeping my skin tanned I apply this daily moisturizer. In winter I use it exclusively but add the self tanner once I start going bare legged.

Check out my post here for tips to keep your legs looking great without self tanner! I’ll be honest with you my legs are so covered in marks – spider veins, freckles, age spots that there isn’t a single square inch of plain skin. I wear either leg make up or self tanner because I like the way my legs with it.

I think everything looks better with some color. I’ve come a long way from the college girl who used to visiting the tanning bed in between classes. I thought it was much healthier since I wasn’t burning yet I was getting beautiful, bronzed skin! Now I have ginormous brown splotches on my legs. While working at a cancer center I learned there is NO SUCH THING as healthy color. Not from the sun anyhow. The threat of melanoma is real friends and I take it seriously. You will not find me sunbathing; I use an umbrella and a hat any time I’m out!

Do you have a favorite self tanner you use? Any tips to share? I’d love to hear them!

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