Weekend Wrap Up & Hello Monday!

Time for a good old fashioned weekend wrap up! These kinds of posts are my favorite because they serve as a sort of scrapbook for me. Family is everything to me and I cannot imagine a better way to kick off the week leading up to Mother’s Day than with a weekend full of time well spent with those most precious to me.

Weekend Wrap Up

My nephew graduated from the University of Florida on Saturday so the weekend revolved around that – such a big moment for our family! He’s the third member of our family to graduate from UF yet this was the first actual graduation ceremony for our family. Why? Well, my oldest son graduated in the dreaded year 2020 with a virtual graduation. As nice as they tried to make it, nothing compares to an actual graduation. My younger son graduated last Spring. We were so excited – until we weren’t. He overslept and missed the ceremony on Saturday morning – I know, unbelievable! Third time was a charm!

One of the really cool traditions at UF is the Friday night university wide commencement. It is not mandatory for graduates to attend but boy, is it special! It’s a more casual event so we had dinner at my nephew’s place and then walked over to the stadium AKA The Swamp! I wore the orange maxi dress and added my denim jacket once it cooled off – incredibly comfortable and perfect for the occasion! Good news – dresses are 20% off this week at Target!

Saturday was graduation – bright and early! It as also a very special day for our family as it was on what would have been my parents 61st wedding anniversary. My father would have been so proud – he was a HUGE UF fan! My brother was so emotional, I love the photo of him hugging his son.

UF is super special for us because not only did both of my sons and my nephew graduate from there but my other nephew is finishing up his PhD in Chemistry there and my niece just got accepted and will begin her freshman year there this summer! So, we are in fact, a family of Gators and my dad would have been so proud of these kids!

After graduation we went back to the hotel and had a little celebration and enjoyed being together. These really are the moments that matter the most and I am so incredibly grateful that we were able to be together. Gainesville is about 2 hours from where we live. We left around 2pm. With traffic, we got home around 4:30.

I snapped this photo of what I wore to graduation – my Clara Sunwoo liquid leather jacket, pants, and top. I got so many compliments and I was incredibly comfortable. I was also thrilled to see how well the pieces wore that day – I was in this outfit for more than 10 hours yet it looked so fresh. You can use my code KELLYANN10 to save 10% on your total purchase, shop the pieces here. I also wore these clear sandals – highly recommend!

We would have stayed longer to continue celebrating but we had very special plans Saturday night. My younger son’s precious girlfriend also graduated on Saturday. She graduated from UCF – the school that is literally in our backyard. Her family flew in from Delaware and we had invited them over for dinner.

I know what you’re thinking, I am thinking it too – who hosts a dinner for a family you’ve never met after being away for the weekend. It’s just the way it was, their schedule was busy with theme park visits and things like that and we decided to make it happen. I ordered a taco bar from a Mexican restaurant and that made it so easy! We had a very relaxed and enjoyable evening. Side note: my son’s girlfriend has a twin brother and an older sister in med school – such a lovely family!

Sunday was a day of rest! I was exhausted. We didn’t make it to church and I never even put make up on.

That’s a wrap on my weekend, how was yours? I know this can be such a busy time of the year with graduations, Mother’s Day, recitals, etc. In fact, this weekend we have my niece’s 1st dance recital on Saturday and then Mother’s Day on Sunday!

Thanks so much for stopping by today, I always appreciate your support. I’m hoping your Monday is off to a great start and that the week ahead is a good one.


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