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If you were at ask me how I feel about aging I’d honestly tell you I don’t mind so much.  The reality is I feel the same way I did 10 years ago if not better.  There’s one thing I do miss about my younger body though.  It has nothing to do with my weight, muscle tone, wrinkles, or saggy skin.  Those things come with the territory and I’m accepting.  I do however miss my old eyes!  Gone are the days of just grabbing something and reading it unassisted.  Since turning 40 ten years ago my eye sight has changed drastically.

The problem is my distance vision is fine but reading a book or anything on a computer screen or cell phone is impossible.  Enter the world of progressive lenses.  They aren’t easy to adjust to and even harder is adjusting to seeing myself in them!

My current glasses are okay but I would love to have another pair to trade off with and switch up my look a bit! So when Warby Parker shared their at home try on program with me I was intrigued.  I should say that this is in NO WAY a sponsored post and I’m not using any affiliate links.

If you wear glasses, or need to wear them, then you know how hard it is to pick the right pair.  Especially in a store where the lighting may be bad and the mirrors are small.  Taking a selfie and then examining it is one way to get an idea of how you look but I like the idea of trying frames at home and seeking the opinion of others to help make an important decision.

The program works quite simply – go here and click on the Home Try-On tab. You’ll answer some questions about style preferences and then you’ll be presented with frames to choose from. You can select up to 5 frames and they’ll immediately be shipped to you at no cost to try. Warby Parker pays the shipping both ways!

Here are the frames I chose to try on, let me know if you have a favorite. Try to ignore the shiny lenses – they’re not permanent.

Have you ever purchased glasses this way? After my next eye exam in June I may order from Warby Parker. I tried contact lenses last Summer but had a super hard time getting the right prescription. If I try again I’ll need to find another eye doctor because mine gave me two options – neither of which worked.
I’d love to hear your thoughts! Weigh-in in the comments section below!

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