Trend Alert: Graphic Designs and How to Wear them After 50

Graphic designs have certainly been trending for some time now. Whether it’s band tees or shapes like stars, they are all over the place and definitely not just for the younger crowd. Those of us beyond 50 can partake in the trend and look great doing so!

On Monday I shared the items I tried on at Versona. Among the pieces that came home with me were this star sweater and graphic midi dress. Both got my attention right away and once I tried them on, I imagined the possibilities. I also felt edgy, trendy, and cool.

I’m seeing stars all over the place! I was hesitant at first because I thought they looked a little juvenile – and I NEVER want to look like I’m trying hard to be young. I am not. I want to be the best version of my 53 year old self, that’s always the goal. The first piece I bought with stars on it was my Pistola jacket. It was pricey so I had to be absolutely sure I was okay with the stars. I was and am.

Pistola Jacket + Denim

I will say this – as women of a certain age I think it’s nice to buy a few trendy pieces to mix into our wardrobes without going overboard. So the star sweater is my second piece, and I am honestly not looking to add any more stars to my closet. Now for styling! My star sweater looks terrific with white denim. I wore this to my mom’s birthday dinner and received several compliments. It’s slouchy but doesn’t hang off of me. It’s not see through either.

Slouchy Star Sweater + White Denim

What drew me to both of my star pieces was the color of each. The olive green jacket is neutral and doesn’t scream, “look at me!” The star sweater is in a beautiful rust-brown color and again, sticking with the neutrals makes me feel like it’s mature and not adolescent. It also lends itself well to play with other items I own. My 76 year old mother commented on how much she liked the sweater and so did my 58 year old sister!

The graphic tee midi dress is another way I’ve chosen to embrace the trend. I like the longer, mid length and the band is one from back in my day – Def Leppard. Once again, it’s versatile and can be styled a few different ways. There was a time when I shied away from graphic designs, especially words. I don’t like to call attention to my chest and felt very uncomfortable having people stare at my chest long enough to read the message. For the most part, I’ve gotten over it but I am very careful about the messages and images on my clothing. And p.s. those sneakers have stars on them too!

When the weather cools, I will wear the dress with a cropped cardigan. The cropped cardigan is yet another trend; not as risky maybe but a trend nonetheless. Throw on some booties and add the sweater – bam! Cooler weather appropriate!

So, my tips for wearing graphic designs over 50 are:

  • wear pieces you really like, making sure you are comfortable in them – confidence is key!
  • find colors that will allow you to mix and match the piece with other items you own
  • don’t go overboard – a little bit is all it takes to enjoy a trend
  • wanna be classy and elegant? You can wear graphic designs but make sure the message conveyed or image is tasteful
  • choose good quality fabrics – avoid paper thin, cheap fabrics – sure you don’t want to spend a ton but don’t skimp on quality
  • be careful with novelty items – is the piece too trendy? Do you like you’re wearing all the trends at one time? This may lead to you feeling insecure or uncomfortable if you’re trying something new. Instead pair your new trendy items with something you already own and love

I think wearing trendy clothes takes a bit of self confidence and may not be for everyone. Personally I think it keeps us fresh and relevant. What do you think?

Thanks so much for stopping by today friends, I really appreciate it!

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