Friday Favorites #83 – Entertainment Edition

Who do I think I am with that snazzy title? Let me tell you. I am a woman on the edge – ha! I honestly have been on the struggle bus this week and feel like I cannot keep up. That’s what the first week of school is like – even in the virtual world. When I’m not on my computer for work I am reading or watching Netflix with my husband so I figured I’d share that with you today!Fashom OTS Top + Denim Shorts


I have kept my promise of not buying books this year and instead requesting home delivery from my library. If your library offers this service I highly recommend it! It’s like online shopping but when you get to the check out you owe NADA! This week I received: Daisy Jones and the Six, East End, The Flight Attendant, and Before I Met You. 

So far I have finished Before I Met You – I enjoyed it. I’m half way through Daisy Jones and the Six and should have it finished by the end of the day. All of these titles came from other bloggers recommendations and for that I am grateful!


Last weekend my husband and I brought my mother to the movies and we saw The Kitchen. We really enjoyed it! The language is bad so keep that in mind!


Because I’d rather read a book than do anything else I don’t watch a ton of TV. My husband and I recently finished watching the Netflix series The Bodyguard. We both liked it!


I have fallen in love with podcasts! I enjoy listening to them while I walk on the treadmill if Lorie isn’t there or if I walk in my neighborhood. Sometimes I’ll listen while I’m getting ready or doing things around the house. My favorite right now is Confronting O.J. Simpson with Kim Goldman .  It is so good!

Other News

One son returned to Gainesville last weekend and today our other son is headed back. He’s moving into a new apartment with 2 of his cousins and another friend. I’m excited for them! My husband is going with him to help him move in. I’m staying home and meeting a friend for dinner tonight! On Sunday I am bringing my mom up to UF to see both boys apartments and have lunch with all 4 of her grandsons. We are thrilled that all 4 of the boys will be in one place! We have a PhD candidate, a senior, a sophomore, and a freshman!

I hope you have a wonderful and restful weekend friends! If you missed my other posts this week you can check out Monday’s post here and Wednesday’s post here.

Friday Favorites


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