Friday Favorites #50

Friends this will be my last Friday Favorites post for 2018! I am planning to step away for a bit to savor every moment this season has to offer. This week has been full of ups and downs and that has reinforced my idea to take a break. But let’s push all of that aside and get to the good stuff!

So last week I mentioned how my sweet friend Amy of Coffee and Cocktails at the Casa chose me to receive a $500 Nordstrom gift card. I know #stillpinchingmyself. I thought you might like to see how I spent it! being thought of in this way was most definitely a favorite!

Purchase #1 I felt kinda guilty spending the entire gift card on myself so I asked my son if he would take a look at the website and pick what he wanted. He chose these pants. He could have picked more but didn’t, bless his heart he thought I should use the gift card for myself. So I did. Ha!

Purchase #2 I am always in the mood for a new bag and of course shoes! Specifically I had my eye on casual shoes. I decided to give these wedge sneakers a try! I am so glad I did because they are comfortable and I feel great in them. All the comforts of a sneaker but the benefit of a heel! I have worn them several times since they arrived; they have become my go too shoe each day. Take a look at how I wore them: #wedgesneakers#wedgesneakersI ordered this Michael Kors Tatiana Satchel when it was being price matched for $261.00. I really like it! Details on this outfit can be found here.#MichaelKorsSatchelIt’s a great size – not too big but it holds what I need. I also like that fact that it has a strap. Finally I ordered these leopard booties. I wasn’t sure they’d work but so far so good!They have a heel that is just a smidge higher than I’d prefer but I can walk in them without experiencing pain in the ball of my foot. I haven’t worn them out yet as they just arrived Monday afternoon. So I did go over the $500 and ended up adding $60 to my order but I’d say that is pretty fantastic and I am eternally grateful.
So I’d have to say my VERY FAVORITE thing has been the impact that Amy’s kind gesture had on me. While I was thinking of the Cousin’s Christmas Party for my sons and their cousins I decided to throw a Random Acts of Kindness Party! I invited them over for dinner but kept what we’d be doing a secret until after they ate. I pre-planned some acts thanks to my friend Shelly of The Queen in Between. If you are looking for inspiration on how to act and do then she is your girl! She gave me so many great ideas. The goal was to ignite a passion for service and kindness while spreading a little love and joy!

Acts of kindness

We are ready to spread some joy!

I purchased Chick-fil-a gift cards, lottery tickets, candy bars, and packs of pens for the kids to hand out. I also bought each one a Santa hat to wear! I printed a little note and attached it to each one. Here’s what the note looked like:

You are the recipient of a Random Act of Kindness! Please accept this small gesture as we attempt to bring joy and happiness to this world one kind act at a time! Season’s Greetings!

Then we drove to a grocery store and let the kids walk up to people and present them with either a gift card, candy bar, or lottery ticket. 
There’s an Italian restaurant next to the grocery store so we went there and gave the pens to the servers. We had 3 packs of pens and gave them to the hostess. She was so happy!Then we came back to our house for dessert. The kids enjoyed it and really got into the spirit with the exception of my oldest son and my oldest nephew. They were uncomfortable but that’s okay. Stepping outside your comfort zone isn’t easy.
Overall it was a great success! We brought smiles to many faces tonight.
I hope this Friday finds you ready for the weekend and all the goodness coming up next week. And listen, if you are just not in the spirit of the season for any host of reasons, I get it. My dad’s health continues to decline and many days I have to fake till I make it. So please know, that you are in my prayers, I don’t have to know you personally or your situation to be able to pray for you. You are not alone, hang in there!
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