Friday Favorites – Peace Out May!

Hey friends, thanks for being here today for Friday Favorites as we bid adieu to the busy month of May! It was a whirlwind for us in all the best ways and now June is upon us. I’m rounding up a little bit of this and that to share with you today so read on if you’d like to see what’s made my list of favorites.

Friday Favorites – Peace Out May!

Last weekend our plans changed on Saturday when our beach trip got cancelled. My friend ended up with food poisoning – ugh, so awful. My husband and I ended up doing some shopping and had lunch out. We got together with them on Monday instead for Memorial Day. I found an event near us at our local cemetery. It was wonderful and honestly something we want to make an annual tradition. I did not bring my phone so I have no pictures to share. But I will tell you, my heart was warmed by seeing how many people were in attendance and the guest speaker (a retired Navy chaplain) was incredible. The true meaning of Memorial Day was evident and we left there with a different sense of what courage and commitment mean.

I wore lots of red, white, and blue in the last week. Honestly it was a lot of fun! I loved this blue dress so much and couldn’t help adding in my vintage wicker bag with a red scarf. I wore this to dinner with friends on Sunday night.

You’ve seen this top and shorts before but this is how I wore then on Saturday. I love how they work together for a patriotic ensemble! I even got a compliment from a 20 something salesperson at a boutique. She mentioned how great my outfit was and the details in my shirt – specifically the sleeves. I could not agree more! The top is from Avara, you can use my code THISBLONDE15 to save 15%,

This little seersucker suit is beyond cute! Worn together or separate the pieces are winners. On a side note I realized yesterday as I was writing this post that I have lipstick on my front teeth in the picture with the jacket – bwahahahahahaha!!! How did I NOT see this sooner???

You might also notice that my legs look much better in these last photos. I was lazy last weekend with my self tanner so I used a bronzer for the day. It’s a super old one but it’s so similar to Sally Hansen. If you are self conscious about your legs, give leg make up a try. Most are waterproof and sweatproof, you apply them and then wait a few minutes before getting dressed.

I should also point out that my favorite summer shoes have to be these clear wedges. The heel height is perfect and they literally go with everything. They seem to strike just the right balance between casual and dressy for me and they are comfortable. Mine are two years old and still going strong.

How was your week? Are you ready to say goodbye to May? More than anything I wish you all a wonderful weekend filled with all the things that nourish your soul!

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