Friday Favorites #5

On this first Friday of February I have decided to make all my favorites start with the letter “F”.  I figured it would be fun and far more fetching than former favorite posts of mine.  See what I did there?

First up let’s talk FUN earrings!  You have probably noticed that I hardly wear earrings in my pictures on the blog.  Here’s the deal, I love accessories but my hair is long and big earrings seem to constantly get tangled in my hair and smaller earrings just aren’t noticeable.  These Nickel & Suede earrings are perfection!  They are large enough to be seen but lightweight and because they’re leather they aren’t getting tangled in my hair!  I bought the medium sized cork and gold.  LOVE!

Faith, hope, and love are next on my list. For this you’ll need to hear a little backstory. In June 2016 the Pulse Nightclub in Orlando was the scene of a horrific massacre. My friend’s husband was the first responder who happened to be working off duty in the club that night as he had many nights before. Needless to say his heroic actions resulted in many lives saved but his own emotional recovery was difficult. However,  over the course of the year Adam Gruler’s faith saved him and he had renewed purpose. Now he and his wife had 6 boys between them from previous marriages and had planned to adopt a girl before the Pulse nightmare. Obviously those plans got put on hold. Then last Summer Adam and his wife Jaimi shared their story at church (you can see the video here) and Adam revealed his plans to go to seminary! He found his purpose; why God spared his life and how He would use Adam. I was blown away. Until I got a call from Jaimi one day shortly afterwards. I’ll never forget her saying, “You’re gonna think I’m crazy” and my reply, “Are you adopting twins?” Actually yes, twin girls and their older brother! Immediately I told her how happy I was and that we needed to have an adoption shower! The picture below is me, Jaimi, and our friend Nancy at the adoption day party!

So yes, my friend and her husband now have 9 children ranging in age from 6 to 20. They’ve appeared on TV locally and nationally. See the Today Show spot here. This week they were invited to attend the State of the Union Address in Washington, DC. With her permission I’m sharing a picture of Adam & Jaimi in DC this week.

Faith, hope, and love changed the lives of this precious family! Siblings who just last year at this time were in different foster homes are now surrounded by a loving family! Their leap of faith has resulted in twin girls attending their first Daddy and Me Dance and a little boy who wanted to be a Cub Scout now has a dad who serves as Den Leader!

But my favorite story involving these sweet kids is from shortly after they moved in with Jaimi and Adam. Jaimi brought the three kids to church one Saturday night and we sat together. During the praise and worship portion I ended up holding one of the girls as we sang and danced. This precious angel says to me, “oh this is my favorite song!” I say, “oh really?” To which she replies, “Yes! It’s about God. And Jesus!” I die. In just a few short weeks my friends had made such an impact on these sweet children. So the take away here: with faith, hope, and love anything is possible. I hope you’re inspired!

Favorite #3 is Five! I posted FIVE times this week! Isn’t that crazy? ICYMI check out Monday’s post here , Tuesday’s post here , Wednesday’s post here and Thursday’s post here. The flexibility in my new job is allowing me to live a more balanced and happy life!

Favorite #4 is this look with my new favorite cowl neck tunic. I hope you get your hands on one of these because it is super soft and cozy! I love it with my favorite distressed denim from Old Navy. Take a look!

Four favorites is fine with me so I’ll wrap it up here but I look forward to seeing you back here next week!

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