Friday Favorites #37

As this month continues to fly by here I am writing my 37th Friday Favorites of 2018! Part of me cannot believe we are 37 weeks into the year. My favorites are all over the place as usual, I hope you enjoy!

Favorite #1 – The camo tee I mentioned in this post! We snapped a picture last night so I could share it today! I cannot find it anywhere on American Eagle’s website but you can check in store.  It’s soft and the fit is kind of relaxed, I’m wearing a medium. Not that I am becoming camo obsessed or anything but I think I need this one!

Favorite #2- I loved this post by Johanna Grange Why Wasn’t I Invited?I hope you’ll click on it and read it. I think we can all relate – with social media being what it is and the constant need to share and overshare someone’s feeling are bound to be hurt. Mine have been many times but the advice Johanna offers is spot on! Definitely a favorite!

Favorite #3 – On Monday, sweet Andrea shared this post about the Echo Look. Of course I had to order it since the price had dropped drastically. I had been in the market for a wider, full length mirror to take selfies in. The hold up for me was finding the right spot to put said mirror – I think the Echo Look will take care of that for me! It arrived on Wednesday and I am so excited! Get yours here.

Favorite #4 – Last week I stopped in Ulta to snag some of the daily beauty steals. While I was there one of the helpful beauty consultants showed me this Mally Beauty Stick Eyeshadow. Turns out this was exactly what I needed as since I’ve been wearing contact lenses powder eye shadow sometimes flakes off into my eyes and irritates them like nobody’s business. It took some getting used to (as far as how to apply) but now I love it! I bought three while I was there and then saw this kit and it has me intrigued!

Favorite #5 – I have the most amazing trip planned for the first week of October. I’m headed to Nashville to meet up with some of my blogging buddies! Part of my preparations include getting my diet under control before I go. Too much indulgence has left me with a few pounds to lose. I got back on track this week and feel so much better. I plan to do a post on what I eat in a day and my exercise routine (thanks Amy for the suggestion) but in the meantime I have found a few sugar free dressings I am loving. This one by Skinny Girl is so delicious! It’s fat free as well and low in calories!

Favorite #6 I am always on the hunt for a great Netflix series to watch. Last week I stumbled upon The Sinner (season 1) with Jessica Biel. Y’all it was so good I finished it in 2 days. I just saw that Season 2 is now on USA Network Wednesdays at 10. Bill Pullman is actually the star of the show. It is so good, if you like psychological crime shows you’ll love this one!

Favorite #7 – I am ecstatic to have joined The Blended Blog! The weekly themes for this fall have been so much fun and I LOVE having a topic already planned. Join us! On Monday our topic is all things blog related. Wanna  behind the scenes tour of what it’s really like to blog? Stop by!                                                                                                               I can’t wait to share the latest addition to my kimono collection!
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