Friday Favorites #19

What a week it’s been and now we head into Mother’s Day weekend. I hope all is well with each of you and you’re ready to hear about this week’s Friday favorites!
But first let’s recap this week ICYMI:
The 3rd Sunday Showcase was this week you can catch it here.
On Monday it was all about entertainment here.
Wednesday I shared some great accessories and a sale here.
Whew! What a week, let’s get to the favorites!
Favorite #1 – Last week our youngest son went to his first and last prom. He went with a very good friend – someone he’s grown up with and we have vacationed with so it was totally platonic. However, are they not adorable? She is stunning and he is so handsome in that tan tuxedo!

Favorite #2 – It hasn’t all been about the younger son lately (although it sure seems that way). Our oldest came home and I couldn’t have been happier. Well that’s not true – we but heads over his style. Since he started school he has not cut his hair. And he just finished his sophomore year. Yep. I received the very best Mother’s Day gift on Tuesday – see below for the before and after! The best news is that he loves it! #momisalwaysright

Favorite #3 – Social media is not something I feel I’m particularly good at – I feel awkward posting what I’m up to. While I enjoy seeing other people’s #sundayfunday I’m not so good at doing that myself. Yet it seems a necessary step in blogging. Anything to help me grow more comfortable is a good thing and right now my friend Shelly aka The Queen In Between has a style challenge I’m committed to participating in each day of May. It’s called #MomsRockMayStyle and each day the theme is based on one of her favorite songs. It’s been a lot of fun so far. I use Gramblr to schedule my Instagram posts so I’ve been trying to get organized and have them lined up well in advance! Check it out and join the fun!

Favorite #4 Y’all know (I think) that I am living my new job at the virtual school. On Wednesday we had a school field trip to Sea World! We had over 3,000 students and families attend! Not only was it awesome to meet our students but I got to meet the other counselors I work with. Meeting them in person was amazing!

Favorite #5 Speaking of our field trip, we wanted to do something special to honor our teachers and staff since it was Teacher Appreciation Week. Starbuck’s donated coffee and pastries for 50 people! Let me tell you they do it right – we were completely blown away by their generosity. They didn’t give us the old pastries from the night before – no way – everything was fresh and delicious!

Finally, Mother’s Day this weekend has me wondering what I’ll get – ha! I already celebrated with my mother, sister, and sister in law – I gave them all gift cards to the nail spa. But my husband’s secretary (her name is ME btw) hasn’t purchased anything for him to give me! What’s a girl to do? Shop. That’s what! Listen, I am all about a handwritten note from my sons or a sweet gift they made when they were little but as far as my husband goes it’s time to fork over the cash, ya know? I am thinking I’ll get some new sneakers for the gym and maybe a few new work out tops. I am also ordering this because I am obsessed with all things almond and I love L’Occitane! While this is a refill it’s only $34 for a 16.9 oz size while the actual bottle is $25 for 8.4 oz. You do the math, see? I am perfectly capable of making good spending choices!

How are you spending Mother’s Day? Although I sound completely superficial in the paragraph above I hope you know it’s all in good fun. We all have mothers, some are our biological mothers while others are the mothers who raised us; some women “mothered” us without even knowing – so see, there are many reasons to thank someone or remember the impact they had on your life. I hope that’s what this weekend is all about. Ok, maybe with a little shopping and a meal out thrown in, eh?


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