Friday Favorites #17

The last Friday of April and it’s a busy one for us! Tonight we bring Collin and some of his buddies to the beach to spend the night and then have a beach party tomorrow. That silly boy of mine thought he and his friends would be going to spend the night at a hotel without us, isn’t that hysterical? #overmydeadbody

Anyhow, let’s get to my Friday favorites for this week. Because even though I started out with a funny in the first paragraph I have other things to share so you can consider that a little bonus.

Favorite #1 I know I keep gushing about my platform wedge espadrilles but they really are terrific! After ordering and returning these I bought myself another pair of these in natural. Oh how I love them! See how excited I am?! 

Favorite #2 That silly boy of mine is pretty awesome despite thinking at 18 he is old enough to go stay at a hotel (I’m paying for btw) with friends.  Last week we celebrated him two days in a row. On Thursday we were invited to a luncheon because he won 2nd place in a poster contest for the Orange County Bar Association’s Law Week. The luncheon was beautiful and he was awarded a ribbon as well as a $50 American Express gift card. Take a look at his poster!

Here he is being recognized, I just loved how nice everything looked!
Then on Friday morning it was Senior Awards. I won’t bore you with the awards he won, I was super proud and they were unexpected. I will say this, for one of the awards he won the announcer started describing the winning student and the things she said were so touching I turned to my husband and said, “wow, now that’s the kind of kid you want to have!” Um yeah, I teared up when the next words were my son’s name – he was the student she was describing! All I can say is that experience is one of two from his school years that stand out for me. The other was when his first grade teacher told me how glad she was that he was in her class – she loved how happy he was and enjoyed his sweet little giggle. The point here is that as parents I believe one of the most important things we can know is that others see our children as we do. We aren’t perfect parents and we haven’t raised perfect kids but I know beyond a shadow of a doubt that I have raised kind humans and that is honestly most important to me. Totally my favorite!

Favorite #3 Our weekly movie dates continued on Sunday. We saw Amy Schumer in “I Feel Pretty” – it did not disappoint. Not only was it funny but the message was spot on. Go see it and take your daughter!

Favorite #4 We have a vacation planned to San Francisco this Summer and planning what I am going to wear is a favorite. I had originally planned an entire vacation to Michigan – dreaming of a quaint little beach town. My sons had other ideas so long story short we are headed to the west coast! We used our favorite travel agent and she put together a very full itinerary for us. I need suggestions on what to wear as I am nervous I’ll be dressed inappropriately for the weather. Also? We aren’t planning on checking any bags so everything needs to fit in a carry on. I’m not sure I can do it! Needless to say I am making lists and checking them twice #hohohohoho.























Favorite #5 You may or may not know that I recently changed jobs. I left my brick and mortar school to work for Florida Virtual School. I’m still a school counselor and I am very happy with the switch. This week a long time goal of mine came true – we had a Career Day for our students! It was all done virtually and it was incredible!

My beautiful sister in law is an RN and she was a presenter. She came to my house and I snapped this picture while she was working away. We had over 400 students and 18 presenters!

This is the kind of thing that makes a school counselor totally ‘geek out’ – the kids were so excited and got to choose the sessions they wanted to attend. Realizing a dream is definitely a favorite! Unless you work in a public school you may not be able to understand how difficult it is to plan programs and make them work. When the event was over I was practically in tears. I work with an incredible group of people who make things happen for kids and for that I am eternally grateful!

Sorry for so many words today. I appreciate this space and you taking time to hear what I have to say. By sharing my favorites with you each week I am sharing who I am little by little. I hope you know it’s not all about shopping for me, I am a person who feels and cares deeply!

Wishing each and every one of you a wonderful weekend!

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