Early Friday Favorites #59

Have you ever been so anxious for a Friday that you start it on a Thursday? It’s kind of the case today, I am bringing you my Friday favorites early because I have a special post for you tomorrow!

Favorite # 1 – A goal for me this year was to attend a blogging conference. I registered for Sip and Mingle Branding Conference after Chrissy shared the info with me. Of course it happened to be scheduled on the worst possible weekend! As the date drew closer I decided to attend for the morning session. It most certainly helped to take my mind off things for a while and it was nice to be surrounded by a group of positive women. Both Chrissy and Kim were there. I learned a few tips, made some contacts, and it felt kind of nice to escape reality for a bit.


Chrissy, Me, and Kim

Favorite #2 – Ever wonder what order you should apply skin care? If I am not following a prescribed regimen I get all kinds of confused, is it serum first and then moisturizer? So I was super excited to see Angie of Hot & Flashy post this printable skincare guide. So helpful!

Favorite #3 – This picture from my father’s funeral last weekend means the world to me. Four of his grandchildren standing before his casket supporting one another in their grief. His grandchildren were my father’s crowning glory and I know he had to be rejoicing in heaven seeing them supporting one another in their grief.#Funeral

Favorite #4 – I have been so blessed by the outpouring of love and support from this blogging community and my friends both near and far. So many flower deliveries and each one is beautiful, so many lovely cards with the sweetest sentiments. Last Thursday this came in the mail. There was no card attached so I went to Facebook and found it was from my friend Kandi. I love it! #Dad and Daughter

That wraps it up for what’s caught my attention this week, anything out there that’s inspired you lately? Do tell! Tomorrow I will be back with a special post that I hope you’ll enjoy. Don’t forget to sign up to follow me by email so you never miss a post. You can find the spot to do that on the right- if you are on a mobile device check out the “Meet the Blonde” tab and you’ll find it there!

I appreciate you stopping by today!


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