All Things Spring

Good Monday morning friends! I hope everyone had a wonderful Easter.  We celebrated with our son in Gainesville and it’s the first time we traveled for Easter. I made all the food and brought it there with us to heat at his townhouse and feed the roommates. It was nice to be with both our boys for sure! Today I am joining the fabulous ladies of The Blended Blog to talk about all things Spring.
First I’d like to share one of my very favorite outfits that screams Spring to me!I don’t have to tell you that pink is my very favorite color because you probably already know that but I do have to tell you that this skirt I am wearing was a major deal! It’s a Lilly Pulitzer skirt I found at Goodwill for about $4! Pretty sweet, huh? I wanted you to see that I am actually wearing earrings (similar and on sale,tassels on sale) so I leaned my head back (and of course almost fell because #clumsy). The tee is one I bought last Summer at Banana Republic. It’s got a little bit of linen in it and that makes a huge difference. It’s wearing much better than some of my other tees. I decided to wear my white wedges as well because I think they scream Spring as well. I was drawn to the skirt because of the print, bonus that it was Lilly Pulitzer.
Shop similar pieces, including some plus size options from Loft, hallelujah someone is finally offering plus size options!!!!

Now let’s get to the questions!

1. The three colors that remind me most of Spring are pastels, especially pink, yellow, and blue!
2. Once Spring hits the first thing I do to adjust my wardrobe is to start wearing wedges and not booties. This means a pedicure is mandatory!
3.In Spring I tend to ditch the scarves, I have a few lightweight ones but anything heavy goes away.
4. Our son Collin is the grass mower around here but once he heads off to college it will be my job – I like mowing the grass btw!
5. Spring is usually my favorite in Central Florida! It’s typically nice enough to eat outside – my favorite thing to do – and it’s often breezy with low humidity.
6. My favorite thing about Spring is the weather. I love being outside when it’s comfortable and I also love the anticipation of the school year ending!
7. I am not a Spring cleaner! I try to keep things clean all the time.
8. By marriage I am a New York Yankees fan! My husband lives and breathes all things Yankees so I do too!
9. Oh I love tulips but they don’t really grow here because of the heat.
10. My favorite outdoor Spring activity would have to be dining out. I so enjoy good food, a cocktail and great company!
11. I like the idea of flowers both in the ground and in a pot – keeping them alive is another issue entirely!
12. I don’t have a favorite bird, sorry!
13. We wash the cars at home. It’s a little tricky this time of year because the pollen is so bad! The last time I washed the car I had a sore throat for a week despite taking my allergy pills daily!
14. Living in Florida means I never really put my sandals away – except when there’s a cold front. It’s safe to say we have sandal season year round here.

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