A Dress, a Sweater, and Lug Sole Boots

The Dress

It just doesn’t get an easier than that, does it? A dress, a sweater, and lug sole boots are what’s up today and I hope you are down for that. #seewhatididthere On Monday you saw so many cute ways to wear this dress for Thanksgiving. I held back one sweet look because I thought it deserved a post all its own. The dress is just $31 with free shipping. It comes in 3 sizes – S, M, and L. For reference I am wearing a small. Blush and Cover gifted me this dress and I am so thrilled to share with me dear readers!

1/4 zip sweater + Dress + Lug Sole Boots
#fallfashion #falloutfits #lugsoleboots

The Sweater

I love adding the pullover sweater to the dress. It feels like I’m wearing a skirt this way and it actually adds just the slightest extra layer (with the dress underneath). The fact that I can pull the sleeves of the dress out at the cuff of the sweater for an extra pop is definitely a perk. This sweater is so soft and well made. The puff detail at the shoulder and quarter zip keep it from being boring. Seriously, I get tired of plain old sweaters, don’t you?

1/4 zip sweater + Dress + Lug Sole Boots
#fallfashion #falloutfits #lugsoleboots

Lug Sole Boots

Let’s talk about the lug sole boots. I love them, my husband does not. That’s fine with me – he doesn’t have to wear them! Ha! Nor do I however, I want to wear them. They are comfortable and on trend which makes them fun in my book. Also? My husband has shoes I don’t love that he wears and enjoys. If I’ve said it once, I’ve said it a million times: I DRESS FOR MYSELF.

Lug sole boots add a little edge to this dainty dress and keep make it feel modern. They are also comfortable and warm – great for when it’s chilly outside. The lug sole is actually pretty handy too as it keeps you from slipping in cold, wet, snow or ice. I did spray these with Scotchguard to help protect them.

1/4 zip sweater + Dress + Lug Sole Boots
#fallfashion #falloutfits #lugsoleboots

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